Outdoor Documentation

#January 11, 2013 Documentary of my  work @ Washington Square Park

Created by Faulkner Allocco

#December 11, 2012 Find Out Why I do What I do!!!!

An Awesome Documentary!!!!!! About Master Wacky Matthew Silver

TO SEE EVERY EPISODE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UwdP1yO7P4&list=PL8R02VWYIHa1KQd7ouiSPKXo

From Producers Mithun Bhat, Michael Jefferson, and Hardy Winburn with Cinematographers Nick Capezzera, Tony Farkasch, Thomas Gonzalez, and Daniele Napolitano.
Edited by James Eades & Nick Capezzera.

#November 22, 2012 Performing On the Highline, Using the Power of POtatoessss, First time on the Highline

#November 18, 2012 I’m gonna be on a Web Series Called “Back of the Busk”!!!  Someone just started documenting me without tell me and made a series out of it.  He asked my permission later.

#November 9, 2012 UNION Square.  The  center of NYC. A place for Clowns, I’m not the only oneeeeee. Documentation at Union Square.

#October 17, 2012 My new technique worksssssssssssssss!, I discover a new technique that helps me get more tips.

#October 14, 2012 Masterbeard Theater Presents, Diehipster blogs about me a third time.

#October 14, 2012 Random – New Yorkers Behaving Badly, In HD!, I’m accused of behaving poorly at Union Square.

#October 14, 2012 Lets make a motion PICTureeeee!!, Good quality footage of me performing.

#October 14, 2012 Good old Washington SQuare Park, Photos of me at Washington Square Park

#October 2, 2012 One Wacky person at time!!!  You’re Hired!! Ding. Pictures taken with people

#October 1, 2012 Normal Bob Smith – Connection and Disconnection.  My interaction with the infamous Normal Bob Smith.

#September 16, 2012 Just Making them LAUGH Or Wacky!! simple easy Awesome.  Pictures of making people laugh

#September 10, 2012 What are Ya going to do?  Haters gonna Hate and People love being critical.  Journaling my experience on the street at Union Square.

#September 5, 2012 After Thought – Violence is Wrong!! and will never the answer!, Journaling my experience with Tyrone the Bully

#September 2, 2012 Tyrone My Bully or Moral Vigilante?  Now you can hear his side of the story., Journaling my experience with Tyrone the Bully

#September 1, 2012 I was at Union Square today, but changed my mind last minute.  Journaling my experience with Tyrone the Bully

#August 30, 2012 Bully Harasses Me a Third Time at Union Square, Journaling my experience with Tyrone the Bully

#August 29, 2012 Great Photos taken from great Photographers, Photos of me performing and making people laugh.

#August 25, 2012 Ice cold Water Bottles and People who just Stand Still, journaling an incident that happened to me at Washington Square Park where a man took money out of my bucket.

#August 23, 2012 This email was sent after todays performance 🙂 Thanks (anonymous), some gave me an email telling me that my performance changed her mood into more positive.

#August 21, 2012 Saved by the FART SMELLER AKA Roman Shusterman, journaling my experience with the bully, he threatened to beat me up and a man stood up for me.

#August 21, 2012 Village Idiot Vandal – Commentary from Normal Bob, Normal Bob’s POV of my experience with the bully.

#August 15, 2012 Angry Man Throws My Props While Performing; He Did it For the Children.  The initial Documentation, the first incident between me and the Bully with video coverage.


#December 23, 2010 Blog posted Hosted!!!!!!! Press for performing outside in Bushwick at the locations in Heartpocalypse.

#December 5, 2010 Subway Dancing, Man in the White Dress, Video of me performing in the subway with a street musician.

#June 15, 2010 JOY spreading!!! Team Joy!!! JOY Forever!!! Videos, performing as maninwhitedress, at Herald Square, Time Square

#May 31, 2010 JOin the sailor heart Club Photo with sailors at Time Square.

#May 15, 2010 Energy that you already have……. Video, performing as maninwhitedress, at Herald Square

#May 11, 2010 It never begins, It never ends. Video, performing as maninwhitedress, at Herald Square

#May 4, 2010 Was He a Crazy man IN a WEDDING DRESS?  YOU tell me. Tell me. Videos, performing as maninwhitedress, at Herald and Time Square.

#May 3, 2010 One Species Photo with hippy, performing at Time Square

#May 2, 2010 a job is a job is a job Videos, performing as maninwhitedress, at Herald Square

#April 25, 2010 The man In white dress Does Circles Videos, performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#April 19, 2010 I KNOW that I don’t NOES Videos, performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#April 19, 2010 A lot of people ask me why I do this??? Journaling my experience as maninwhitedress

#April 18, 2010 A plast from the post. Picture, performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square

#April 12, 2010 Street people, what’s up with these street people. Video, performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#April 12, 2010 Tourist LOVE the Video. Videos, Performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#April 6, 2010 Pictures are what pictures do to the brain. Pictures with tourist, Performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#March 28, 2010 Light is like yours. Picture with tourist, Performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#March 28, 2010 Pictures pictures pictures start.  Pictures with tourist, Performing as maninwhitedress, at Time Square and Herald Square

#December 6, 2007 Performed or be performed.  Random Spottings on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg and San Francisco.

I Farted in Jim Gaffigan’s faceeeeee

Jim Gaffigan on WhoSay

created by Worm Carnevale



Don’t Turkey my TURKEY BUBBLEEEeeee

Am I a Village Idiot or am I????????

Am I crazy or are You Crazy for thinking I’m CRazy!!!

Created by Gil Rios

Subway Performance Art: Drummer, Violin and Vocalist!!

Improv performance in front of Real live NYC pedestrians. What do they eat?

Drums by Joe Vallone
Violin by Sam Dishy
Filming by Moishe Stern

 The Center of NY????



That’s Absurd – The Choir

Performance art with a WATERMELON

Humanity, it is HERE!!

Absurd Street Theatre

Magical MUsical MONtages

MUSIC NO.ss by Anna POllack

Matthew Silver from AnnaPollack on Vimeo.

Man in the white dress from AnnaPollack on Vimeo.


Performance at Grace Exhibition Space


Flux Factory Performance!!!!!  AWESOME!!!

Flux Factory Art Collective let me present my work for one of their recent Flux Thursdays. January 12, 2012.  This is probably one of my BEST!!!!!


This was one of my best sets! I was Heckled by a woman, and then she asked to play the piano, for the ending song. Performed at Sidewalk Cafe.

I Lost My Keys and I need money!!

This was the first time I did the act. It was new material, so I was surprised that people were laughing. I performed this at The Delancey

Can somebody give me LOVE!!!

I ask a crowd of people for love and nobody gives it to me, so I try to convince them to chant LOVE ManTRAssss. Ohm nama shiva YA.

Performed at the Gowanus Ballroom. http://gowanusballroom.com/

Matt Silver Performs on stage Playlist:

Matthew Silver pours his heart out. Opening up souls making them laugh, cry and fly, watch move all over the magnificent stage.

Street Performances in White Dress Playlist.

People are attracted to the human spirit of wackiness.

Street Performance At Berkeley College in California

Part 4 of the cult smash, “MBFHBM”. In this episode, you’ll see Matthew Silver shaking things up on the UC campus and Patrick Lancelin talk about Julia Butterfly Hill.



Street Performance:  Bedford Circus of Fools

For a year in a half I did these performances on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. My intention was to set off a wacky Love bomb. This is some of the documented footage.

The Chicken Man

Starring: Sarah Mayti and Matthew Silver

In this performance, a man in a chicken suit appears out of no where and starts dancing with us. Me and Sarah were having a fake argument as if we were a couple.


The King and Queen: Around the World

Starring: Marissa Mickelberg, Matthew Silver

Originally me and Marissa were trying to start the group. One of our performances we dressed up as queen and king. And acted as if we owned the place. At the end we danced to the song “Around the World” by Daft Punk. A small crowd gathered to watch us.


The Jestor Sings “Video Killed the Radio Star” by the Buggles

Starring: Sarah Mayti, Joanne Hsieh, Matthew Silver

In these performance we gather a small crowd and some audience participation. I like this clip a lot because it’s very corny. I’m a fan of corniness.


Random Spottings of Matthew Silver at Bushwick, Astor Place, Union Square and Washington Square Park PlayList.

I like these clips because I didn’t video tape them. People would take clips of me constantly on their video phone, still digital photo camera and put them up on youtube.  Most of them aren’t edited.  They are just put up as is.