Picture 1LOVE! HERE! NOW! November 20, 2014


Picture 35Comedy Central @Midnight show, Last Question. End of show. Nov 4, 2014

Picture 33

Live in the Moment!  Don’t get Old! July 4, 2014


Picture 32a href=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-4813″>Words // Interview: Matthew Silver, August 30, 2014 and then Part 2

Picture 30

Matthew Silver:<<We Need A Silly Revolution!>> July 6, 2014

Picture 29






*01 Matthew Silver, Performer – New York City, July 28, 2014


Picture 28

Wapaa! -Jesus esta aqui? Jun 26, 2014


Picture 27

Paradigm Shift Radio 96 – Radical Love Filled Art w Matthew Silver:  Professional Wackadoodle


Picture 26 With Matthew Silver The Love Man June 10, 2014

Picture 23On The Fly: Words of Wisdom on My 29 WFTC, July 7, 2014 in Minneapolis


Picture 24

Japanese TV Show Viking Appearance, I’m at the 4:04 mark, May 27, 2014




Picture 22Man rents studio-turned-jail cell July 7, 2014




Picture 21Off The Air, HAIR September 5, 2014

Picture 20The Spirit Spiritual Warrior in a Speedo Decides to Start a Revolution. Love is the Answer! May 21, 2014

Picture 19Lunatic Wake Up Call -Preston & Steve’s Daily Rush 93.3 WMMR, July 8, 2014

Picture 18


Episode 93 Love & War July, 10, 2014





Picture 16

Va-cage-tion Rental by Owner July, 2, 2014

Picture 15

Matthew Silver’s Circus of Dreams Continues to Inspire & Entertain 11/11/2014


Picture 6

No Pants, All Love for Matthew Silver in Apple Store 7/23/2014




Picture 6Spreading a Message In Your Undies Has Never Been So Awesome 5/15/2014






Picture 12# 29 Matthew Silver, November 2014





Picture 9

You’re Awesome- Matthew Silver Says so! August 19, 2014

Picture 5Someone Finally Psychoanalyzed NYC’s Wackiest Street Performer, October 3, 2014

Picture 3

The Truth Behind the Viral Prophet Matthew Silver,
July 2014

Picture 8It’s a Lunatic Bum.  It’s a New Age Tom Green. It’s Matthew Silver:  The Great Performer June 27, 2014




Picture 2




Meet Matthew, The Pacifist ‘Clown’ Who Brings Burning Man To NYC, April 15, 2014



Picture 15





Wild Performance Journey of Matthew Silver’s “Circus of Dreams” 1/27/2014





Picture 1







The Bowery Boogie – Swinging Balls: A Recap of the 15th Annual Mr. Lower East Side Pageant (photos) 1/6/2014




Picture 13



Uncensored New York: Circus of Dreams, Brooklyn’s Own Adventure in Wonderland 10/29/2013



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Best Bar for a Weeknight – 2013





Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 12.23.40 AM



Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.05.31 PM


Preschool’s Traumatic NYC Field Trip Ensures Kids Will Never Drop Out 10/4/2013


Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.08.02 PM





Video: NYC Pre-Schoolers Pause To Contemplate Freaky Performance Artist 10/4/2013


Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.12.15 PM





Broke-Ass Stuart's Goddamn Website

Get Weird in Brooklyn with Matthew Silver’s Circus of Dreams

Read more at 8/28/2013


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I’M ON THE TV SHOW ODDITIES!!!! – it’s the Science Channel YO!!!  5/2013


Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 9.47.40 PM

Dumb Love 1/26/2013



Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 9.46.43 PM

Sample Familiar Urban Art with Outlet Fine Art 1/02/2013



Eric J. Battin’s Graduate College Project

The Great Force Perceiver (inspired by me) December 15, 201





Matthew Silver December 5, 2012




This is What Matthew Silver’s Up to Today 12/3/2012


Matthew Silver The Great Performer is in the House! 11/6/2012



Matthew Silver, The Great Performer is simply silly for a living 10/30/2012


Mark In The City

Matthew Silver, the great performer 10/16/12


Masterbeard Theater Presents 10/12/12


the Shellhammer

People Watching  10/9/12




10 People You’ll Only See in New York City 10/8/12



Matthew Silver:  The Great Performer!  Is He Really… What Other Story is He Telling? 10/3/12


Is Idiot a Genius? 9/26/12





New York’s The Great Performer  September 9, 2012




The Great Performer Matthew Silver Union Square, New York City:  September 5, 2012


Video:  An Interview With Union Square “Bully” Tyrone:  September 2, 2012


Artiste de rue se fait jeter ses affaires sans raison:  August 31, 2012


The Village Idiot’s Bully:  August 31, 2012



The Day Tensions Rise in Union Square:  August 31, 2012


Videos: Union Square “Fountain Gang” Bullies Performance Artist, Others:  August 30, 2012


Village Idiot Vandal:  August 21, 2012


Matt Silver Beaten Up by DieHipster – Public Service Announcement – August 18, 2012


Breaking News: Attention seeker finds sought-after attention.  August 16, 2012




Strange Street Performer / Mindset Equals Money:  8/13/2012




Performance Artist Matthew Silver Keeps New Yorker Staring: August 3, 2012

Written by Jen Ortiz
Matthew Silver is easy to spot. In fact, it’s hard not to gawk.  New Yorkers aren’t strangers to sidewalk madness but even the most jaded city-dwellers stop and stare. And on this Tuesday evening, the 33-year-old New Jersey native has attracted a large crowd of onlookers at the front steps of Union Square. More


9 Performance Artists: Summer 2012, Volume 1 No.8: August 2nd, 2012


The Rules of Grace-Performance art thrives at 840 Broadway: July 29, 2012



Street Performer’s Antics Offend Some, Entertain Others:  July 25th, 2012





In Defense of Matthew Silver The Great Performer  July 14, 2012


[Real] Brooklynites just don’t understand ART:  July 12, 2012




A Night of Performance Art Brings Soho Back to Its Roots:  July 11, 2012


Village Idiot Sobered by Dusty:  July 1, 2012


“עושה שירות ליקום” translated: Doing Service to the Universe


חדשות תוכן ועדכונים 24 שעות - Ynet  Written May 2, 2012



Matthew Silver, The Great [email protected] Place  March 25, 2012


I’m Just Walkin  USA/NYC 

Hey I Know that guy!  March 11, 2012


Welcome to

It Is Totally Springtime in New York City  March 8, 2012


This Isn’t Mental Illness, It’s ‘Art’  February 16, 2012



A.  Video: Subway Shaman Performs Ritual L Train Dance 2/16/2012

B.  Video: “Man In White Dress” Preaches Joy At Astor Place  11/27/2011

The Local East Village - News, Culture and Life

Video: Tossed From Washington Square Park, Performers Take Absurdity to Astor Place  11/24/2011





Matthew Silver Wants to Open Your Love Portal:

He flails about in a superhero costume and does a leaping kick in the air. His funny noises are interspersed with sweeping statements about love. He runs in place, dances, jumps and crouches ninja-style.


Matthew Silver Discovered that healers are also huggers

Slum Goddess – A Life of Lunacy




Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York 

1. When Performance Art and Crazy Collide

2.  Insane-Acting person is Actually a Performance Artist

1.  Heartpocalypse    2. Mother and Son




Performer Battles Demon Under J-Train: Dec 28, 2010








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Issue 635 : Nov 29–Dec 5, 2007;  Boogie Night: Cosmological Jestor or Village Idiot?  A Billyburg street performer will take whatever he can get–as long as your’rgrooving along