Circus of DREAMss – Presenting Pics and Bios of the Performers


Every other Wednesday 2/27,  3/13,  and 3/27 (9-11)pm

Circus of Dreams is a showcase of exciting & exhilarating, strange & sexy performance artists. Straddling lines of classification, blurring boundaries between dream and nightmare, entertainment and Art, every other Wednesday night at Bizarre in Bushwick, BK featuring four new artists each time plus titillations from the endlessly titillating, Matthew Silver.

Presenting Dream Clouds:

sexyCourtney Leigh Novak – Sanguine Sorceress

Courtney Leigh Novak is a sorceress and a multi-media artist exploring within her work issues of relationship, connection, sexistential crisis, mind-spirit-body-earth balance, transcendence, humor, and death, often through a feminist lense. She brings varied life experience to her work, having worked as an Residential counselor with adults of differing abilities, Organic vegetable farmer, Stripper, Nanny, Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, and Reiki practitioner. She brings language in the form of spoken, sung or written word to her performance as well as ritual, movement and costume. She receives visions and is excited and grateful to share them.

johnny bizare

Johnny Bizarre X-rated Blockhead

AKA James Blonde from Jugger-nut.  Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who has no boundaries.  Lays on glass, stick nails up his nose, lets people staple him with a staple gun. Wacks a mouse traps on his tongue. And makes animal balloons.  Variety performer, comic book artist, comedian and musician.

that beast of festive skin

Alexandra Tatarsky – Vaudeville Performer

A translator and performer from New York City.  She has performed in vaudevilles, stairwells and theaters from Oregon to Eastern Europe.  Her work is inspired by ventriloquism and the Puerto Rican Day parade.  A book of her love poems for abandoned lots, entitled Vacant Love, was recently published by Power Plant Press.

photo 1

Adam Ende – Quixotic Puppet Show Maker

Adam’s Jawbone Puppet Theater is proud to present “Genesis, Chapter 38,” the story of poor Onan. What’s this? You’ve never heard of Onan? That’s because his story is too embarrassing for the sunday school set. In this short, educational piece, our potty-mouthed biblical scholar lectures about patriarchal biblical lineage, telling the story of what happens to one man who rejects that lineage and takes matters into his own hand, as it were. Funny, dirty, scholarly, and short–what more can you ask?  Be forewarned–this show contains scenes of graphic puppet on puppet sex, extreme wrath of god, and violence.  “What are you wearing? Why a cape with your pants tucked into your socks?”

rush  Aaron Hicks  Rush Aaron Hicks The world’s most extreme contortion, fire eating/spitting, sword swallowing, bed of nails, glass dancing, human blockhead, human pin cushion, burlesque, boylesque, tarot card readings and many many other acts and stunts of pure madness!

About Matthew

I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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