Performance Heart: Mixed Potatoes 3rd show.

potatoes2bMonthly Performance Art Show

Boundaries between Audience and Performer will be CONFUSING. Vulnerable states will be PRESENT. The performer’s arsenal, FEAR, LOVE, LAUGHTER, DAD, SALLY LENNY, GEORGE.

Matthew Silver MCs

This Month’s POTATOES:

Valerie Kuehne – cellist, dynamic performance artist, fearless improviser, songwriter, vocalist.  She curates two shows monthly Smallbeast and SuperCoda combining experimental music, performance art and dance. She is also part of Panoply Performance Laboratory.  If you want to sign up for her email list contact her:  [email protected]

Miao Jiaxin and LeeYoo Heeran –  This performance is a collaboration.  Miao’s works often express the ambivalent and sometimes antagonistic tension that always exists between the individual and governing or cultural authorities.  Recently hosted Ventiko’s Animamus Art Salon.  Wants to host more friendly events @ his place. LeeYoo Heeran creates performative sculpture, solo body-based installations, time-based durational performances, and sculptural endurance events.

Gabriel Chalfin-Piney just started performance art, studied performance in school.  He has already done 7 performances these past two months, each one very different, interactive and surprising.  He just curated three shows in a row!!  Mixing music, film and performance art.  One of the shows was called Paloozah 8.  He curates under the name Knight Sweat

Lindsey Drury’s work disrupts her own choreographic impulses. She seeks to undermine the idea that one can devise systems of rules and expectations that when followed by performers will churn out a certain meaning. She is a performance artist, dancer, choreographer, curator and writer. Currently collaborating with PPL.  Runs an open-platform performance event called The Generator. Founding member of The Woods Cooperative.

Anthony Wills Jr.  is Artistic Director of Artistic Pride Productions an artist collective creating opportunities for artists of all genres.  He has been performing, choreographing, and directing all his life.  He will be curating a cabaret for February, Love is a Drag.






Lopi LaRoe is a multi discipline artist and activist living in Brooklyn, NYC. Her current work primarily encompasses installation, performance and painting.Her Performance originated in improvisational dance and is rooted in theatrical performance.

Amber Lee has done performances in Chicago, Berlin, Paris, and The Netherlands working with several different performance groups including a European tour with Non Grata. In addition to performing, Amber continues to work in theatre, photography, video, and writing.  Currently she helps out @ Grace Exhibition Space, a performance Art Space in Brooklyn.

Muchmore sells coffee and drinks.

$3 Buds and Tecates

Check out last performance Heart HERE:

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I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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