Performance Heart Pt. 2 Dec. 30th PHOTO recap

Matthew Silver does Opening Untitled










Matthew Silver is disappointed that nothing happened Dec. 21st, 2012.











He attempts to open the portal himself by creating a community gathering.

Adjua Greaves

golden shes









Using the power of her Golden Sneakers she starts Jogging.

adjua jogShe jogs alone for five minutes, while the audio to her score repeats “Won’t you Jog with Me, Jog with me please, Lets fight the social disease.”  In a robotic voice.


Finally two people get up and jog.


And then Two more











The entire room jogs with her.


4 minutes TOGETHER WE FIGHT the social disease!!!

Allison Brainard


Fly dance moves!!!!

dance 7The hands between the legs is the most advance Swag development since 1999
259_2400 Straight upside DOWN!!!

Fortune Chalme

sdfadsfsdShe starts off, making us believe she’s sane.afsdadsfdBut then the world of stuff gets too her brain.screamShe ends up with a nervous Breakdown.  God bless her soul.

Kate Brehm

ewwerewrWho is the woman with the folding chair?
rwertw34667 Why do the placement of the chairs concern her?uyrtrtrt Staring alone into the distance.  Is she asking for connection?werew333Or is she just trying to connect to her folding chairs?

Ann Louise Amendolagine

ann Ann is a street performer who tap dances for a living. Today she tries something different.black1 Bringing it to the audience through passion!psycheeeShowing off her beautiful dancing legs.wefsdfasdfShe’s looking at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney V. Hunter

wave handsHe first clears the room.fallingdfedThen he takes a big plummet into the hard wooden floor, everybody looks with shock!falling

Next time Whitney falls, People are their to catch him.


Ivy Castellanos











She comes on stage as her masked super hero!!IvyyyThe super hero tapes up bags of air.
IvyewfkewSlowly she becomes consumed by them.
ivyewr302u3The yellow bags start taking over.jewuo9uojdfGetting bigger like a yellow puss TUMOR.r323232The Tumor consumes the HERO.  Must be goof ball Hero instead.

Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi and Amazing Amy Contortion Dancer

duckDonald Duck is alone.amy duckMinny Mouse Enters and they enjoy a day on the beach.dsjfojejoieiUntil Mickey Mouse enters.kljdsfjkeeMickey Dances, not aware of Minnie’s and Donald’s, presence.djkslafjlsdjioewWhen aware of Donald and Minnie.   Mickey Kills Donald, when not looking, because he doesn’t want anybody to know that he’s gay.mickey duckAnd then Minnie, who knows YOGA.winloseMickey Leaves everybody with a positive message, “Life is not about winning or losing”be yourself

“Be Yourself!!!”

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I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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