Performance Heart: Mixed Bags HIGHLIGHTS


Matthew Silver opens the night, by putting the audience into an awkward state.  Once the crowd achieves full awkwardness, the show is ready to go on.

Matthew Silver talks about how ideas are amazing!!!  You can grow them in your brain if you’re focused.  He uses the rubber chicken as his pointer.

But then Matthew becomes neurotic and slowly starts walking towards a man who has a beard just like him.  Will he hug him?  Will he appreciate his hairy body?  Does he think he’s just another idiot?  Click here if you want to watch half of his performance.



Who is this strange woman who walks in with a kart and chicken feet??  A little bit creepy if you ask me.  I mean I heard that weirdos put chicken feet up their nose!  Is she a bag woman?

But then low and behold this Bag woman gives birth to a cows head!!!  How dare she play tricks with our minds!!!!!!!!



Lorene twisted the minds of the entire audience. My parents didn’t get it, but they were intrigued.  It was as if we were sucked into THE LORENE VORTEX!!  Here they are singing like deranged sirens.

Lorene is using hand movement to pull out the part of the brain that thinks too much.  People don’t know this and just stare, not knowing that she is healing them.

Now Lorene uses her feet to emit special odors that make people say “YES I like the Lorene Vortex, maybe I can make a friend or two”.



Geraldo brought everybody into the digital REALM of  Zero’s and One’s.  Here you can see him getting everybody excited about these numbers.  Is this saying that we have all become zero’s and one’s and none of us have an identity anymore?  I thought I was a chicken!

Here Gelraldo is reading Adjua’s fortune, shuffling digital video game cards.  Later he tells Adjua to destroy a computer hardrive by smashing it with his boots.  The Hardrive is now where all our memories come from.  Forget about BRAINS!!!!



Katie is stuck in a picture.  Is this her dream or her nightmare?

She seems to want in on this beautiful landscape but there is NO ENTRANCE

So she hangs herself and glitter falls on her head!!!!!!!



PPL intertwine their audience into a world of confusion!!  Esther is stuck in a web of string.  People are pulling her back and forth while Brian is playing the music of a mad man!!!  He’s talking about eating PORK LOIN sandwiches!!!


CRUSHED VELVET by Jacquelyn Gallo and Rosalie Knox

Total San Francisco Cult Hippie Fest.  They brought a little bit of the 60s back.  It was Happy.  It was SCARY.  It was an ACID TRIP.


ELINOR THOMPSON – Durational piece

Elinor fell asleep on a couch during the duration of the entire show, about 2 hours!!!  Photo by Drew Vanderburg

She had two sharpies next to her and people would write on her all night, explaining what wackiness was unfolding during the night.  Photo by Adjua Greaves.

At the end of the night, she got on stage and Matthew read all the quotes on her body. One of them said, “Gelraldo Smashing Shit.” Photo by Adjua Greaves

Highlights of the First Performance Heart

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you can now watch 2 hours compressed into 3 minutes.  And soon I will edit my entire life into 30 seconds.

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I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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