My new technique worksssssssssssss!!!!!!

My new technique is an ancient technique.  So I won’t tell you what it is.  But if you watch me, you can see it’s pretty obvious.  I’m still doing the same thing, chicken, banana, Duck, I’ve added rat and Hipster because rat is a big city animal and hipsters are everywhere but they don’t exist at the same time.  According to Die Hipster, I’m King Hipster.  So you call me brothers and sisters KING HIPSTER.  FART.  On Wednesdays the High School kids sometimes go to Union Square.  They are scared of me but curious.  They don’t know what to think.  You see in the picture or video at the 55 second mark, the children are running away from me, I run towards them and they run around in circles.  It cracks other observers up.  The kids love it and they laugh.  They make fun of me, but as long as they laugh, I feel like I’m serving some kind of purpose.

Go to the 55 second mark and watch all the crazy excitement.  FARTtttt. HIPsteR

Photo by Mithun Bhat

About Matthew

I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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