Random – New Yorkers Behaving Badly, In HD!

According to this Youtuber I did something bad at the 5:37. Check it out for yourself and Let me know.

tusgal: ‎5:3p, most epic man flash of 2012.
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Jermaine Norris where he threw the white thing right?
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Tusgal: The part where he laid on his back, and start kicking, in person… no homo, hair were protruding from his speedo and the black guy got full frontal.5:39.
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Jermaine Norris ROTFLMAO I SAW THAT~!

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I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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