Normal Bob Smith – Connection and Disconnection

Normal Bob has documented most of the incident between me and the bully.  He just recently put up this video.

Is the Village Idiot a Genius?

In the video he has his good friend Shaggy talking about me to a kid, asking, Why do you think he’s a genius? Shaggy doesn’t like me that much, he says, “When your older, you’ll realize how much of a dumb fuck he is, what a parasite.” He tries to make the kid look like an idiot for riding a broken skateboard.

Some of my friends have talked to Normal Bob and told me that he hates everybody, don’t take it personally. Even though he writes negative things about me, I’ve seen him as a neutral character in my existence.

During my episode with the bully, we actually communicated, after he made The Village Idiot’s Bully.  I went to Union Square and saw the bully walk around the park, looking at me.  I told myself it wasn’t worth it, and ended up performing at Astor Place that day, then I went back to the Union Square at night, I saw Normal Bob talking with his friends.  So I went over to talk to him, I asked him about Tyrone, the bully, if he’s seen him around the park. Normal Bob is considered Union Square Park’s Anthropologist.  He would know best?  He actually opened up to me,  gave me some advice on the situation.  It felt nice to have a conversation.  He told me he didn’t like me at first but my interaction with the bully showed an added element of drama to the situation and I liked your dance afterwards.  I was thinking in my head, and if he’d let me talk, he seems like someone who gets bored easily,  you have two seconds to speak or he’ll lose you, I would of said, “You don’t have to like what I do, but we can at least reach each other at a human level”.  I offered to buy a MatchGame Postcard from him, because he put me on it as the Village Idiot.  He gave me five for free. I thanked him, said goodbye and went home.  

Later that night he posted the Interview With the Union Square Crip , on his youtube channel (It’s footage of the Bullies POV).  From then on I thought that me and Bob would at least be neutral.  Two weeks later I hear that Tyrone got arrested for a serious crime.  I make an appearance at the park and perform.  After I’m done performing, I decided to just say hello to Bob, to test out the waters.  Bob video tapes a guy preaching about god, he ignores me.  I say hello to Shaggy.  Shaggy says, “We don’t much like your show.”  I say, “That’s fine.”  I ask him about Tyrone the Bully, he tells me he got arrested.  I wait around for a few minutes.  Bob takes his bag, gets up from his seat and moves five feet away from me, so does Shaggy.  I saw that as a sign and just left, later that night he posts up the video.  Is the Village Idiot a Genius.   I’m not surprised.  I just think that that form of communication is a little immature for his age.  The video isn’t much of anything.  You can read his write up here, it’s under the heading, Is Idiot a Genius?.  I’ll leave him alone, it’s the best for both of us.

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