What are Ya going to do? Haters gonna Hate and People love being critical

I’m 33, it took me a long time to not care about what people think.  A big portion of my life, that was always on my mind, “What are people thinking, am I stupid, not funny?”  It made me and probably much of the population mentally crazy.  The truth is, I want to become a great performer, a comedian, a funny man.  People are critical of what people do always and before anybody has a chance to blossom, we are knocked down from even trying.

Today at Union Square four children from High School wouldn’t leave me alone.  They said I’m embarrassing myself and I should stop.  I said , “Thank you.”  But even after they told me their message, they kept being persistent, they wouldn’t stop, they were four feet away from me, it was weird.  I got out of character and I asked them, “Can you please leave now, message is received, I’m not bothering you, you don’t have to like what I do, but your blocking my potential audience.”  There were, 15 people standing behind them.  Women sitting on the steps behind me started yelling at the children to leave me alone.  The children upset them, because it seemed like they weren’t going to go away, I’m thankful that people are actually defending me.  That people understand the need to practice, to grow through art, performance, science , comedy and the human experience.   Eventually the kids simmered and left me alone.  This is my message to you.  GET OVER YOUR MIND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because there are a lot of people defending the need to express art, comedy, music, love, theatre, performance art anything beautiful or interesting or new into the world (it doesn’t have to be art either).  Don’t give up. Keep doing what you do.  The more you do it, the more you realize how many people are broken and how many people aren’t and within that you find your own self.  The more you do it in front of people the more experience you get, the more you can take what people say lightly, Never take anything personal and if you do, forgive yourself (I took diehipster personal, but now I forgive them and realize that being a troll is unfortunately a source of entertainment for a lot of people).  You create your own vision.  If you don’t think its important, the universe doesn’t think its important, if you think its important, the universe will always support you.  Don’t doubt love anymore, by being persistent you will learn.

Maybe doubting yourself started with your parents, teachers or friends.  But now it doesn’t matter.  Everybody only lives once, and yes I might not be funny all the time, but I see that street performing is an awesome way to get good experience and its working.  It’s free stage time.  There are hundreds of stages and venues in NYC, but it seems difficult to get a gig.  They don’t care about making people laugh, they care about getting enough people to buy their drinks, which is important, because they have to pay rent.  So it is hard in NYC to even get experience and with little experience, you will put on an ok show.  Fortunately out in the public, I’m grateful that I am getting this experience and opportunity to make people laugh so hard that they are actually crying.  That’s my focus.  Don’t focus on the critics or the haters.  Once you get over them, you can do anything.  But for some people, like myself, it will be a slow process and that’s ok.

Photos taken by Eraj Asadi

Descriptions written by Eraj Asadi

…and only in that very instant, as her children gleefully followed in the remarkably hirsute man’s dubious exercise routines, did it dawn on her that she’d completely failed them as a mother…
Astor Place, NYC (a place where a lot of mothers apparently have similar epiphanies)

There’s the birds & the bees…and there’s the ducks and the ducks…and then, of course, there’s the Love Doctor who puts lipstick on his nipples. Isn’t that right, brother?

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I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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