AFTer Thought – Violence is Wrong!! and will never be the answer!

Tyrone is wrong for thinking that Violence is God’s work.  Violence is not the answer.  Hurting or threatening someone is not GOOD!!!!   Tyrone is a confused individual.  We are not the same, it was silly for me to think that.  I would never be violent to another human soul.  I love people too much.  Do your work in this world, Do it strong!!!!  BUT NEVER HARM OR THREAT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!!  NEVER MAKE PEOPLE INTentionally SCARED for their life!!!  It creates a mental disorder that was never meant to be.  Be creative, be an artist, be WHOEVER you decide to be, and inject LOVE.  There is too much unconscious hate in this world.  Give love and receive love, because people aren’t making a habit of  IT and everybody needs it.  LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! , MAKE THAT THE HABIT and pretty soon, you won’t be alone.  This I know.  Thanks For all your support HUMAN “KIND” !!!!!!!!!

They ALL LAUGHed, and we did it TOGETHER!!

About Matthew

I've done filmmaking for a long time. I'm done with it for now. I am a performer. I use to do street performance, soon I will do that again. My goal is to make them laugh kid! All of them!!!
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