Tyrone My Bully or Moral Vigilante? Now you can hear his side of the story.

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**Gotham City Blog — Video: An Interview With Union Square “Bully” Tyrone:  Sept 2, 2012




Video and Picture is taken by Normal Bob, the Union Square Anthropologist and Comic Book Artist.  Normal Bob, Shaggy (Skater Bob), and friend, did a little video stunt where they told Tyrone, that a guy from Cincinnati saw his fights on youtube and wanted to take a picture of him.  Oddly enough, Tyrone believed him and took the picture, they also interviewed him.  Now you get to hear the Perspective of the Bully or the Union Square Crip.

Who is this Guy really?  Fountain Gang (How did the Gotham Blog come up with that?)  Crip?  I’m pissed off at him for obvious reasons.  He’s violent and is preventing me from doing what I love, at an awesome park.  But he’s not the bad guy, there is no such thing as good or bad.  That polarity exist because the mind likes to judge.  Like or hate.  Holy or not holy.  We all have opinions.  This man fights people because he believes he’s doing God’s work.  I believe by making people laugh, I’m doing God’s work too,  I’m not religious but I do believe in a higher form of energy, that somehow strangely connects all of us together LOVE.  Who is wrong or right?  There isn’t any wrong or right.  It’s confusing.

He’s using an old system, he uses fear to do what he thinks is right.  Fear doesn’t work, it turns people off or makes others angrier.  Fear mostly produces more fear.

This guy is a goofball, he’s silly, confused.  He’ll beat me up, but bless me at the sametime.  What does that mean??  He has a beautiful heart, but his mind is confused.  He’s probably using the same logic that was used on him growing up?  Maybe?   Tyrone is here to teach me something and I’m here to teach him something.  Yes I want to pursue this.  Yes I want to learn from this experience.  If I had a choice, I’d hope the cops would just ban him from the park, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.  I have to deal with him, if I want to perform at Union Square.

Do I stop wearing the speedo?  Is that really going to matter?  I think he’ll threaten me with or without the speedo.  Of course the speedo might make him angrier.

I have to make him part of the act somehow.  I want to make him laugh.  I want to find an opening into his heart.  He really doesn’t seem dangerous to me.  He’s just a fool like me.  We are both the same oddly.  I will bless him too.  He believes in using violence.  I believe in using laughter.  Both of us believe in love, using violence vs. laughter.  I will be back at Union Square this Tuesday.  If it rains on Tuesday then Wednesday.  With or without speedo, I’m not sure.  If you want to give me feedback, email, twitter or facebook.  Unfortunately my wordpress commenting doesn’t work, because all I get is spam comments when its turned on.

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