Bully Harasses Me a Third Time at Union Square

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His name is Tyrone.  He doesn’t like that I wear a speedo.  He told me he was on the crypts and he threatened to kill me if I continue to wear them.  The next time I come back to Union Square, I wore a costume that covered me up more.  Then he told me I had to leave the park at 6pm or I will kill you.  I told him no, that’s not fair.  He kept bullying me until Roman Shusterman’s (AKA The Fart Smeller) bodyguard friend, (who saw the original attack, he doesn’t like bullies, and would do the same for anybody) told Tyrone to leave me alone.  He listened to him, and the rest of the day he didn’t bother me.  I figured, it doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a speedo or not, because he’s a bully.  You give him an inch, he’ll demand more from you.

So I came back this Wed. in a speedo August 29, 2012.  Knowing that Tyrone will harass me, and he did.  First he threatened to beat me up, but quickly left after he saw Roman’s bodyguard friend.

Later he came back and kicked my money bucket and gave me a dirty look.  I shouted at him (he starts walking away), “What are you giving me that look for?  I’m allowed to be here, come here man!  You want to be the park bully?  Come here, you want to fight me?  (he gave me the middle finger)  Come here, I don’t want to fight you!  I don’t want to fight you, I just want to hug you!  I just want to hug you!  We all need love!  Everybody knows who you are!  (he just walks away)

Normal Bob Smith got most of it on tape.  He is known for capturing the interesting  characters at Union Square.

Later I find out my bully is posted on the Gothamist and the Huffington post as an unknown attacker.  In the youtube clip, Tyrone attacks another man and a few others, while a cop and security guard, just stand around and don’t intervene.  It was 10:45pm.

The footage is taken by Recai Iskender (live streamer) who is known for streaming at Union Square and OWs.  This video is a little scary, because the authority, do not stop the fight.  What’s going on?  I guess Union Square is unsafe at night.  If you wish to see the original Video, which is higher quality but longer, click here .

After Thought, my opinion of Tyrone has changed, while he deserves love like everyone else.  He is now known to act violent.  And so I feel he doesn’t deserve to be at the park unless he cools his attitude.  I cannot fight him.  I’ve never fought in my entire life.  I can try to defend myself.  I believe I have to see this situation through sooner rather than later.  I’m going to continue to make more appearances at Union Square, until Tyrone’s attitude changes.  I believe in what I’m doing, people are laughing, maybe if I can make Tyrone laugh, things would change.  I want to be able to perform at Union Square and feel safe for years to come.  It’s a beautiful park that brings together an interesting array of colorful people.  It’s known for its Freedom of Speech, so I will continue to practice there.

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