Saved by the FART SMELLER AKA Roman Shusterman

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So I went back to Union Square, I put on a costume that covered me more. But that didn’t matter, I already gave my bully (angry tall man) an inch, he came back and gave me more orders. He told me I had to leave at 6pm. Now that’s unfair, only cops have that power, he kept interrupting the show. He wouldn’t stop getting out of my face. So I had an open dialogue, told him I’m not going. And then Low and Behold I was saved by the Fart Smeller AKA Roman Shusterman,

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You see he has a friend that always protects him. He told his friend and his friend told this tall man to stop bothering me and he did.  The next time I come back to Union Square, I’m wearing the Speedos. This world is too amazing and strange and beautiful to be stopped by one bully.


Roman the Fart Smeller, written by Normal Bob himself.  Click the top link if you want to see the entire posting.

By now, everybody knows, or has at least heard of, “The Fart Smeller”, aka “Sit on my Face Guy”, aka “Butt Sniffer,” aka Roman. And for a guy who seems to have a quick answer for any possible question you can think to ask him, the one everyone still asks me about him is “Is he crazy, or is this really all just about sex?”

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