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Village Idiot Vandal

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Last week the Village Idiot’s show got torn to shreds. His shit was flying in all directions, and afterwards the vandal offered him a smoke, along with a few choice words. I found out later the guy wasn’t so much apologizing, as he was informing the Village Idiot he was a member of the Crips and if he showed up at the park again in a speedo he’d kill him.Village Idiot, take the Fart Smeller’s advice: “Don’t be a coward. Own it up. This park is for people that are real, man. No phony-baloney.”
What Fart Smeller means is, either you’re the Village Idiot or you’re not. You don’t scream and beg, “STOP! No, please stop! Please! I love you!!!” while scrambling to put your pants on.

A Village Idiot doesn’t give a flying fuck when his garbage is thrown. Fact is, a Village Idiot should be able to throw his garbage higher, farther, and with more reckless abandon than any would-be vandal. I mean, isn’t the one glaring benefit of having a show of trash that the jokes on anyone who would come in and treat it like trash?

Village Idiot, I’ve seen hundreds come and leave before you. Either handle your hecklers or you’re done. Rules of the park.

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