This is the Moment!

My humor gets raunchy sometimes when in venues in the evening hour. I was being me in the moment. Last nights performance at City Bird Gallery  for the Natural High Group Show. Thanks to Sarah Wang for letting me perform.

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Love – You can do it anyway that you want it!

BE YOU, JUST BE YOU. Nobodies judging you, its all in your head.

Filmed by Johnny Kingsboro

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Were Evolving : Stick Together !

On a rainy winter day in downtown New York City you can survive, you can thrive, in your underwear. What do the police have to say about that!? “Get up?” or “Get down?!”

“I got your back. We got your back.
Going this way?
We got your back going whichever way.
(police:)Gotta get up.
Get up.[and hang from scaffolding]
(police:)Get down.
Get down
Just spreading the good cheer.
Saying cheers.
(Can you breathe?)
Roll with it.
Connect with us. Click hair.
Reach for it.
We made a connection.
Things are looking up from down here.
Is your mother proud of you?
My mother is proud of you.
I’m proud of you.
Changing room,
just changed in the changing room (into a different animal).
We’re revolving. Or are we evolving?”

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Who knows the Answer!?

MY PERFORMANCE LAST NIGHT!!  At first the audience is really uncomfortable, but then they really connect to it.  Happened 8pm at Beasticon II. 12/11/2014 

Curated by Anthony Zito and Lori Nelson

Location Mark Miller Gallery

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Performing AT Beasticon THIS THURSDAY 7pm — 12/11/2014

Performing AT Beasticon THURSDAY 7pm, at the Mark Miller Gallery, 92 Orchard St. NY, NY.  Curated by Anthony Zito and Lori Nelson. Facebook Invite

hot This piece will be at the show, created by Mica Hendricks.

10849920_482967595177151_3022867527501450560_n This portrait, which will be at the show, was Painted by Anthony Zito.

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I’M Going on a mini-tour to Europe!!! (Jan5-Jan15) Berlin, but mostly Poland


I HAVE JUST GOT INVITED TO GO ON A MINI-EUROPEAN TOUR AND ALL COSTS WILL BE COVERED!! (Jan 5 – Jan 15) I will be in Berlin, Germany, but mostly Poland (DEFINITE TRAVEL PLANS and PERFORMANCES on bottom). This has never happened before, I’m very grateful.

The whimsical and most appreciated Polish Performance Artist, Professor and Curator Arti Grabowski, has invited me, on behalf of the State Art Gallery in Sopot, Poland to perform for the 3rd Bipolar Performers Meetings – BODY LANGUAGE. My travel and accommodations will be covered by the gallery!!! And I will be paid for my performance. We need help finding a venue in Berlin!! If your in Poland, or Berlin and you have any tips for either country, please email or call Arti, he knows the area better then I do Arti Grabowski +48505210606 , email: [email protected], you can also contact me at [email protected]


5-6TH of January. Berlin, Germany. (call/email Arti if you have any leads for venues)

7-8th of January 2015 Szczecin – Poland. Event: Weekend_100°, organizer: Kana Theatre (, coordinator: Janek Turkowski

9-10th of January 2015 Sopot – Poland event: Body Slang, organizer: National Gallery of Art (, curator: Arti Grabowski ([email protected])

12-13th of January 2015 Kraków – Poland. Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts, Intermedia Department (

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We Share Possible!!


I don’t have to worry about buying new sneakers the whole year! My shoes are now sponsored by Miao Jiaxin Studio. Miao is looking to sponsor non-brand sneakers for 5 street performance artists worldwide for one year. Check out this new project at We Share Possible. If you’re interested in being part of the project, please read the requirements.
Miao Jiaxin Studio is looking to sponsor sneakers for 5 street performance artists world-wide for one year.

A ) You will have to prove your style of street performance makes your shoes wear out more quickly.

B ) You will receive new shoes when your old ones are worn out.

C ) You will have to document your street performance on the day you have new shoes. Documentation on any social media will be tagged with the sponsorship of Miao Jiaxin Studio.

D ) You will have to return your old, worn-out shoes to Miao Jiaxin Studio. The mailing fee will be reimbursed. All shoes will be part of the permanent collection at Miao Jiaxin Studio.

Apply now via message.

Miao Jiaxin Studio is a one-person, self-funded artist studio. This project DOES NOT accept any funding from corporations, museums, galleries, institutions or non-profit organizations.

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This Could be You: Join The Revolution! (with Matthew Silver and Fritz)

from city buses to convenience stores and shoe stores to holiday markets to public parks, the revolution is spinning! Revolve with us! Join us!!!

Go with the flow from New York City in ties and underwear (semi-formal).
Help Wanted?
We are here to help!
Join the revolution… go around with us!!

Performance by Fritz Donnelly, Matthew Silver, and Matteo
Shot by Christopher Bleuze-Carolan, User Deleted, Lelah Bates-Childs, Jay Hillman
Edited by Fritz Donnelly

For something related with even more hair, check out “Outside in Underwear: You’re Invited”,,

instagram: funwithfritz

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DEC. 3rd! Bizarre Presents CIRCUS of DREAMS with Matthew Silver, Produced by the House of Screwball

10397267_10152733308191827_9144065839587242866_oFACEBOOK INVITE HERE
Do not miss this CIRCUS OF DREAMS – don’t wait for the next one, come to this one – NOW! FFFfffffffffffffpppthththhh…..

Matthew Silver
Oroborous featuring Zoob Fernandez
Fritz Donnelly (Hi Christina!)
ReverendMother Flash
Jeffrey Freer
Nia Nottage
Lindsee Lonesome
Sacred Androgony
Hebert & Helena
Santa Darkly
Nigga Claus
and a special Circus of Dreams cooking class
with Darcey, Nia and Lindsee

Pre-show Go-go with Ruby Love and Witchney Fears 8:30 to 9:30

DJ John Swan John Swan killin’ it all night.

Production assistance from Lindsee Lonesome and Nia Nottage

Door witch Denora Indigo Crystal

EMAIL Darcey at [email protected]

This is a donation based show with a $5 to $20 suggested donation and happens first Wednesdays at the lovely Bizarre in Bushwick (12 Jefferson St off the Broadway Myrtle JMZ). No one turned away for a lack of funds.

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The Lame Hipster Love show!

A show that has potential but according to the three people who watched it. It’s not working. Filmed by Christopher Bleuze-Carolan Instagram (@userdeleted) and Lelah Lewis Childs

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