Matthew Silver Does his SOLO at Goodbye Blue Mondays this Sunday 7/27/2014

PERFORMING THIS SUNDAY 10PM 7/27/2014  Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway Brooklyn, NY

Original Facebook Invite


Photos taken by Frank Iannazzo-simmons You can find more of his photos @Frankisglobal on Instagram

In this set, I sing to Maddy Wyatt’s beautiful piano playing. My favorite song “LOVE HERE NOW!!!” and don’t forget to Fart Your Heart out, times infinity. Filmed by @Userdeleted on Instagram

Experience a Matthew Silver Goodbye Blue Monday Set
THIS SUNDAY 7/27/2014 — 10PM

Goodbye Blue Monday
1087 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

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Apple Store Crowd Cheers Man in Underwear Screaming About Love

Matthew Silver gives a speech in his underwear about Love in an Apple Store, the Security Guard Escorts him out with a Hug, consumers clap.

It was a nice surprise that the security guard hugged Matthew, it became a beautiful moment for the entire store, you could feel the energy in the room as everybody was clapping. Heal the world with LOVE always. Bkawk!

The Edit was done by Rony Portillo (Enlisted Films)

Filmed by
Instagram @Userdeleted, Bill Ottman (Instagram @billottman), and Andy Culp (Instagram @Markandrewculp)

Check Out Raw clips @

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8 Store Wackadoodle Love Marathon at Time Square!

We decided to spread the love in 8 different stores at Time Square and Rockefeller Center. Special Guest appearance from the Naked Cowboy. A group of children from Brazil. And the cops. At the end, I was a little tired from going in all the stores and nervous that the cops were going to give us a ticket. Funny chase scene at the end.  Very intense, pumped filled with action. Dude Lets Go!  Bkawk!

Filmed by Christopher Bleuze-Carolan (see more of his work @Userdeleted on Instagram) and Lelah Childs.


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Awaken Your Inner Wacky Child Now!!

This is my message to the world.  Let your heart be free. Stop Judging people and yourself. Its up to you to re-awaken your inner Wacky Child!!!!  I’m not the only one.

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Watch me Raw and Unedited. The Best way sometimes, Much love to all and thank you to the universe allowing me to do this. Remember we’ll all important.

Create by Conversations with Strangers.

I like showing the raw cut, because it shows the awkwardness even more.  An edit makes things fun and fast.  Famous stars are always edited in big movies to look good but never shown, on video without edits.  If you google my name Matthew Silver and check videos, you’ll find a lot of these (videos that others have taken), they just show me doing my thing, and yes some of them are boring, as a performer I feel bad for poor performance but thats just my ego.  I’ve learned to love myself no matter what.  In truth its me being vulnerable and teaching myself not to care what people think and myself as well.  Enjoy, my wackadoodle friends.  I’ve opened my heart so you can do the same.  Shine on brothers and sisters.  Bkawk!
Created by Ky Kenyon.

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Unhappy Guy, Enchanted Wackadoodle and Phoebe Novak

I did the wackadoodle love movement with Phoebe Novak (Musician), she performed topless and one guy was unhappy.  It seemed like he was going to hit me, I ran a few feet away from him and the audience told him to stop.  If you want to hear more of Phoebe’s Music check . Filmed and edited by Chistopher Bleuze-Carolan @Userdeleted on Instagram.


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I did a pizza promotion for my good friends Michael Lucio Sternbach and Freddi Vilardi. The video is hilarious and the pizza is amazing. The Monk Room. Enjoy!

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On Fox Five AGAIN, this time I was not called Charles Manson. Bkawk! ON THE FLY produced in the Twin Cities

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French Interview!!! – - Tryangle. Weird Studies For Weird People – It Won’t Be Our Fault If You Stay Dull.


Original Photo by Eraj Asadi


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I was on Fox News this Morning and they called me Charles Manson.


Studio-turned-jail cell for rent in Brooklyn

Posted: Jul 07, 2014 9:24 AM EDTUpdated: Jul 07, 2014 10:10 AM EDT

Screen shot 2014-07-07 at 11.40.22 AM

Miao Jiaxin is renting his studio-turned-jail cell in Bushwick, Brooklyn.Miao Jiaxin is renting his studio-turned-jail cell in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

NEW YORK (MYFOXNY) -An artist in Bushwick, Brooklyn is charging $1 per day to anyone who wants to rent his ‘jail cell’ complete with 24-hour surveillance.Miao Jiaxin says the social experiment is intended to give people a sense of what it’s like to be a newly arrived immigrant in the United States. Jiaxin left his homeland of China in 2006 and felt alienated when he arrived in New York City.He converted his studio on Van Buren St. into a jail cell. The 6-by-8, 6-foot tall cell is available for bookings, but occupants must agree to remain in the cage for at least three hours every morning. Also, they cannot sleep, write, exercise, surf the Internet, read or make any crafts.Some of the other requirements include a $300 deposit and a minimum two -day stay; maximum five days.

Jiaxin plans on renting the studio-turned-jail cell for one year.

“That room was my studio. I’m supposed to work in there. I’m a performance artist. I don’t really need to have a big space to make objects. From now I think I’m going to think and sit with other people,” said Jiaxin.

Visit Miao to see more of the artist’s works.


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