Love is your Heart over and over and over again.

Yes Love makes you vulnerable because I love writing this and I wonder how every single one of you will criticize me.  Love is judged, for being negative and in reality its not that way at all.   Yes there is different levels of fear in all of us.  We are learning how to love..  Love leads us to brownie places special in our heart.  The Children need to know that they have a special glow force in your heart ready bloom with love over and over and over again.  All I  care about is love.  We shouldn’t harshly judge one another.  The Four Agreements. (The Book)  make it look simple.  Commit to these four things and your life will completely improve.

1.  Never take anything personal

2. Be Impecabble with your word

3. You are doing your BEST NOW – To me that means my spiritual best. LOVE.  Love is a complicated thing but its the most important thing to Learn and study and focus.  Its definitely a big part of the magic and the magic we feel now is what makes our hearts sing “I love YOU!!!

4.  NEVER make ASSumptions.

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Love is 100%

Love is 100%  never 99.95%

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Documentary of my work premiered on the Gothamist !!!

See original post here!!

Meet Matthew, The Pacifist ‘Clown’ Who Brings Burning Man To NYC

And now the fourth episode of No Your City, an 8-part series created by Nicolas Heller, which we’re premiering here every Tuesday morning. Below you’ll meet Matthew, who takes a No Fear and All Love approach to the streets of New York, which some people react to better than others. As one fan explains to some kids in the video, “He puts smiles on people faces, you know, that’s like one day you come through here and had a hard day at school, then you see brother Matthew over here, you see him, and you stop, and you start smiling and stuff. Then your hard day it’s not so hard. He does it to me, it makes me smile.”

Previously: Meet Shaun, who operates a rickshaw in a Spider-Man costume, Te’Devan, the 6’7″ Jew Who Will Rap For You, and Don Ward the shoeshiner.

Follow No Your City on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Love is the happening sooo I love all just like you deep in your heart.

Don’t Deny your heart its not a complicated riddle or is it, does it matter now?  Put your self in the now which is happening right now.  The repetition of now is what you are focusing on because there are no mistakes this is love this is an infinite version of love.  Remember I drove the mini white boats at Disany with my sister Amanda.  Who I continue to love.  Love to what sometimes we joke about but say I love u I love u.

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All of us are important.

There is no time like the now that repeats over and over again.   May you be in its light or darkness.  Infinity is always a posibbility because what every move that you remember.  You are in the light now and always.  Every thing you are doing has is now which is the light your always is what is happening now so you don’t have to worry that you need anything because the now always exists now and now is what is the most real.  It is time to know that all the time, which you do and you are the essecence of now and love right now because its not complicated its now.  Love is now not later.  Yes everthing is love and the adventures journey so everybody I meet is a now adventure because everything is happening now and not later.   sosoosososososoosos

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Matthew Silver Performs This Sunday 9PM at GBM!!

Goodbye Blue Mondays2

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Goodbye Blue Monday might go out of Business. They need 7000 dollars by the end of the month.

Orignal Article written in the Brooklyn Paper


Goodbye, Goodbye Blue Monday

The Brooklyn Paper

A freewheeling and free-admission Bushwick music venue will close at the end of March unless it can come up with several thousand bucks, according to an insider.

For nine years Goodbye Blue Monday refused to follow the tried-and-true business model for concert halls — booking bands that have fans and charging for admission — and now the business owes the city $7,000 in fines that it would have to pay off before being able to renew its business license. Management says it is ready to throw in the bar towel.

“To quote the man [Goodbye Blue Monday] was named after, ‘so it goes…” the venue wrote on its Facebook page on Thursday afternoon, referencing the author Kurt Vonnegut. “Goodbye Blue Monday is closing down at the end of the month unless we can find a buyer who wants to take over ownership before then.”

Numerous acts got their start in the club, including the indie sensation Vampire Weekend and the long-running Bushwick Book Club concert series, where bands perform songs inspired by a different work of literature each month.

The venue has long maintained an open-booking policy and refused to charge a cover, opting instead to host shows by bands of all genres and skill levels and pay them by passing a hat between sets.

Rent and bartenders get paid out of what the space makes on drink sales, but that is apparently not enough to cover the mounting costs of staying open. Even if the lounge comes up with the cash, it will still have to contend with a landlord who wants to at least double the rent when the lease runs out in two months, according to former owner and current booking agent Steve Trimboli.

“I’m devastated, but I also understand that it was a matter of time because of the way this neighborhood is exploding,” he said. “I knew that when the lease was up, it was not going to be good.”

Trimboli declined to say how much rent the venue currently pays.

Despite the doomsday prophecies, friends and neighbors are starting to rally to come up with funds. Nyssa Frank, who runs the Living Gallery across the street and rents from the same landlord, said she would be willing to throw a benefit event for Goodbye Blue Monday in her space.

“It is a totally unpretentious venue that has devoted itself to musicians who need a space,” said Frank. “It would be a tragedy to lose it.”

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Kalan Sherrard Telling the Captain a One Two Three… (peacefully)

So Tuesday Night around 5:30pm Me and Kalan Sherrard Performed at Union Square Mezzanine. On the other side of the MTA musicians. I was wearing a speedo and Kalan was wearing underwear. After 30 minutes we are confronted by cops, they said leave or else. I got out my Droid and video taped Kalan. He spoke very articulately why we are allowed to be here to the Captain. After a lengthy discussion. The officer said, “Ok now leave.” “or what” “or else” Kalan continues to perform. The cops leave us alone for a hour and a half, at the end we get to dance with the great Mary Magdala . There was a big crowd, everybody Clapped. We got tired and were finally ready to leave.

A different Lieutenant confronts us and asks us, “what are you doing?” I tell her we’re leaving. Kalan starts discussing with her that we were performing, he confronts her with a peaceful protest, so I take out the video Android. The Lieutenant quickly grabs the camera out of my hand and slams it into our granny kart. She grabbed it so quickly that I accidentally scratched her hand. She detains us and takes our liscenses. She comes back, it turns out that I have a warrant for my arrest because of a brake light I didn’t fix.

They use that as an excuse to send me to jail for disorderly conduct. Kalan gets to go free. I spend the night in jail, I’m the only white person. My jailmates call me Jumanji, based off the character Robin Williams played. We all slept on the dirty floor where cockroaches crawled. All of us squished up together in a tiny room. Many of the jailmates were arrested for marijuana. It takes till 3:30pm on Wed. until I finally get my court case. The judge hears about my arrest from the court cop. The Judge makes an expression like this is a waist of time. She dismisses the entire case. I’m free to go like nothing happened.

What I learned? That you haven’t experienced the real NY until you spend one night in jail. You really get to see the inner workings of this city first hand. Check out the video of Kalan Sherrard clearly explaining why we’re allowed to be here, its beautiful. This Sunday 9PM Kalan Sherrard is going to perform at goodbye blue monday . He’s a brilliant performer, takes reality and askews it. JOIN US FART HEART!!!

Me and Kalan performing with Mary Magdala

Me and Kalan performing at the JMZ Essex Stop

FACEBOOK INVITE for this Sundays Event 9PM  Be there to see Kalan Sherrard

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Matthew Silver, Winner of the 15th Annual Mr. Lower East Side Pageant 2014!!

Swinging Balls: A Recap of the 15th Annual Mr. Lower East Side Pageant [PHOTOS]

 Original article is written on the Bowery Boogie with more pics!!!

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Posted on: January 6th, 2014 at 10:00 am by 

Matthew Silver, the 2014 Mr. Lower East Side

Matthew Silver, the 2014 Mr. Lower East Side

The infamous Mr. Lower East Side Pageant returned for its fifteenth year on Friday evening at Cake Shop. Six inches of snow and shivering single-digit temps didn’t keep patrons from the X-rated circus, nor tame their appetite forSchweddy balls. After all, the neighborhood needs its king.

MC’d by neighborhood fixture Rev Jen, it was four hours of smutty spectacle with enough cock and balls to either make or break your night. And to that end, the hostess thanked Cake Shop for being “one space still willing to host [since it's] getting harder to find places.”


As usual, the Cake Shop basement itself was sweaty and packed. Old copies of the New York Times were splayed across the front of the stage for seating. The night kicked off with Raven Solano and Brer Brian performing a rendition of “Lift Up Your Kilt,” a local folk song dedicated to the “changing neighborhood and the yuppies who took the art from us.” Then the party started. Four categories: talent, swimsuit, evening attire, and Q&A.

In the end, after a night of hijinx and pageantry, the girls and gay guys in attendance ranked the very best. Matthew Silver was crowned the 2014 Mr. Lower East Side, taking the honor from last year’s winner, Johnny Bizarre. In a statement, Silver quipped:

I feel very luck to be part of one of the greatest New York traditions!!! Awesome thanks to Revjen Miller and Francis Hallaka (Faceboy) for putting up with soo many hairy ball sacks and smelly, hairy men like me!!!!!! As the 15th Annual Mr. LES I will use my fart heart power to destroy the idea of the economy. And have people welcome back their hearts. Because in a tough city everybody needs love. and in reality, love is the only thing thats real!!!!!! Lets go back to the inner child and Fart Hearts. Baruch ata Adonai that is within every living soul.


Mike “Clamato” Amato

Complete results:

Mr. Lower East Side – Matthew Silver
Mr. Congeniality – Raven Solano
Best Male Tits – Chuck Funk
Best Nut Sack – Tommy D. Naked Man

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I like Butts and I cannot Lie.


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People are more similar then you think.

don’t doubt your power.  Don’t doubt Love.  Don’t doubt inner peace.  I’m just another guy that believes in love.  Because we’ve all seen the power of a hug to make one feel better.  Or the power of positive attention.  Return to the heart fart.

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Circus of DREAMS!!!!!! FOR The NEW YEARS And HOlidays my brothas and sisters!!!


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Me and the GREAT Cody Hoover, from the FReedom Tickler are now on TV!!!

Boom!!!  We made it to Comedy Central on Tosh.0!!  Lets see where our Careers go now.

Tosh.0 Episode 25.

To check out the Freedom Ticklers Music Click HERE Mofo!!!

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MATThew Silver DOES MORE SHOWS at of the Wazoooooo

loveportalGBMs fullsize1417724_10200893918687023_1944325597_o

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For Original Post Click HERE

Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 12.05.35 AMBest Bar for a Weeknight – 2013


For its frequent live performances that range from dance to folk singers to freaky and unclassifiable acts (like the Great Matthew Silver) as well as the old movies projected on the wall, Bizarre is a great destination any night of the week. The bar really shines on weeknights, when the crowd is quieter, there is no line for the bar (or bathroom), and there is generally something fun to see. The entertainment accompanies a long list of absinthe cocktails (try the one with cucumber), and don’t miss the disco ball in the clean(ish) bathroom, which also has a bumpin’ soundsystem.



Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 12.11.23 AM

Circus of Dream Matthew Silver


Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic 1967 hit, “White Rabbit,” was making its incision into my psyche. The lyrics were parading past my eardrums and down the tunnel of freedom and calamity. And irony stood tall against the bitter winds that taunted the city because, like the iconic White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland—the inspiration behind Grace Slick’s magnum opus—I found myself in a rush.

“Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late,” I said, hysterically quoting the White Rabbit on the M train, provoking the homeless man asking for change to slowly back away.

I sought out the enigmatic rabbit hole that would swallow me, unapologetically exposing me to madness…but it was nowhere to be found. Instead there was a love portal. Yes, a love portal leading me to Bizarre.

Bizarre’s not just a mind state, it’s an actual place, in Brooklyn. A place the Village Voice deemed as 2013’s Best Bar for a Weeknight. Every other Wednesday a Circus of Dreams overtakes this already uninhibited bar in Bushwick.

Circus of Dreams is produced by House of Screwball’s Darcey Leonard & Kevin Pelrine and hosted by street performance artist and creator, Matthew Silver. The beautiful Nia Nottage also lends a helping hand as the production assistant.

This combination is deadly when you consider that Darcey is also a performance artist who has spent time on stage as a burlesque dancer, singer, and general screwball. She even sells vintage clothing under the moniker Screwball Diva. Not to be outdone, Kevin is the tech guru and designer for House of Screwball and DJs under the name Sex Libris.

Donning a sombrero and bulging, cushioned muscles from what was once an adult-size Batman costume, host Matthew Silver stood awkwardly on stage as the symbol of love, with his customary fanny pack hugging his waist as his tiny fairy wings seemed to keep him afloat. And so, the mad tea party began.

“Today, we have the girl who lost her head, the African-American penis, the alligator, and half a heart,” said Matthew as he introduced us to his shy, inanimate friends sitting on stage.

Circus of Dream Matthew Silver and Inner Child 628x418 I Like it Here: Circus of Dreams, Brooklyns Own Adventure in Wonderland

Image courtesy of Bizarre

Soon, Matthew would introduce us the audience to someone many of us had long abandoned. A part of ourselves we ignore once we reach adulthood. And it came in the form of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

“Say hello to the inner child,” he sung.

“Hello!” replied the audience in unison.

This went on for about a minute before the doll fell to its death, resulting in a powerful yelp from Matthew signaling that our inner child has died.

As the circus continued, burlesque dancer Foxy Squire timidly entered the spectacle like a lost, little girl parlaying her box of crayons, a stuffed panda, and a drawing board, into a sad dream.

For a child, these can be the perfect tools for surreal mayhem. And yet, Foxy was noticeably unhappy. Smeared makeup running down her face and her melancholic expression were accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, Lisa Germano’s “From a Shell.” Which soon transitioned into Garbage’s 1998 alternative rock hit, “I Think I’m Paranoid.” And as soon as Garbage came on, Foxy’s clothes came off.

Free from society’s oppressive standards of beauty and acknowledgement, Foxy embraced what all girls should—the splendor of womanhood. But only to be run off by the authoritarian voice which commanded her to report back to her room for a timeout.

Later, street puppeteer and performance artist, Kalan Sherrard, would introduce the Bizarre audience to the very definition of the word. A few Williamsburg residents might recognize this gangly white kid from his frequent performances on the L train’s Bedford Avenue stop. Others might recognize him from his brief appearances on The Colbert ReportAmerica’s Got Talent, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Let’s get one thing clear; you don’t ever really get over an eccentric performance by Kalan. Whether it’s a puppet show, oddball improvisation, or just plain ol’ avant-garde noises, it’s like you’re being psychologically sodomized in order to balance out your abhorrent soul. Just ask the panel of judges who booted him and a friend off stage on America’s Got Talent. (When you simultaneously weird out and anger Howard Stern, you’re doing something right, right?)

What got to me was the amalgamated toys. Witnessing a decapitated Barbie with a cylinder-shaped object hanging from between her legs must have regaled my boyhood hatred of the iconic doll. Then Kalan held up the double-sided sign that said it all: No reality. Nothing matters.

Nothing did matter when Josh Berkowitz exposed the giant nipple on his stomach to the crowd. Nothing mattered when Mary Kerrigan, better known as The Face, stripped down to a thong as she ferociously danced on stage. Even less mattered when Crimson Kitty played out Aileen Carol Wuornos’ murder spree, arrest and death, in a burlesque-style performance. And I know nothing mattered (or made sense) when Loren Halman poured hot sauce on his genitals and inside his anus, in an attempt to talk about sex.

After the show, as I embraced Matthew for a hug, he pulled me in closer to dance around the Bizarre and I thought to myself, if there truly isn’t a reality, was I really late? And if nothing matters, why did I care if I was late?

As the Mad Hatter retorted when questioned about what the Dormouse said, that I can’t remember.


Featured image courtesy of Bizarre

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GOT Posted on Gawker, Gothamist, and Dangerous Minds All at once!!! YO

Me and the Great Cody Hoover, from the Freedom Tickler were performing at UNION SQUARE on the westside.  Preschool kids walking in a group tied together in leashes walked by, someone made a little video and it went VIRAL!!!!! and now we’re on TV!!!  FART HEART!!!!!

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.05.31 PM

Preschool’s Traumatic NYC Field Trip Ensures Kids Will Never Drop Out 10/4/2013

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.08.02 PM

Video: NYC Pre-Schoolers Pause To Contemplate Freaky Performance Artist 10/4/2013

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 8.12.15 PM


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DIE HIPSTER GOT ME AGAin. IT’s because they like the smell of my farts. It brings JOY!!!!

Read original POST with COMMENTS HERE


In the past, I’ve destroyed this “wannabe zany” attention-starved interloper named Matthew Silver.

So the other day ”quirky” Matthew is doing his usual Union Square “performance art” which is neither a performance or art and who walks by? A group of pre-schoolers on a field trip. So instead of learning something, seeing some nice architecture, or seeing a REAL street performer with talent, their poor little eyes were exposed to baby Matthew in his filthy green speedos that he wears everyday acting less mature than the children themselves. Now Matthew, I know you’re reading this and I know you want to come out with your defense that is - ”I’m only trying to be a free spirit and put a smile on people’s faces“. No, Matthew you dirty fuck – what you don’t understand is that for every smile you get there are 25 people wanting to beat you into a coma. Do the math – it wasn’t meant to be.

You see, Matthew will swear up and down that he’s not a hipster but hmmm, let’s see:

He is an attention-starved kidult; he has a filthy lice beard; he lives in Bushwick and believes he is some sort of performer/producer/creative director; he’s a transplant (which is not the problem unless you also fall into other hipster categories like he does); and he has the physique of Sophia Petrillo - the character Estelle Getty played as Dorothy’s mother on Golden Girls.

So uhm, yeah, you are a fucking hipster Matthew. Just end your stupid act already; how long can you yell, moan, and jump around as you toss your props into the air in your dirty underwear. It’s not funny or cool or deep or meaningful or ANYTHING. One day the father of some kid is going to seriously confront you and put on a REAL show as he breaks every bone in your frail unwashed body.

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I’m on A God Damn Hallmark CARD!!!!1

See the Original Site HERE

Product View

Kenneth the Jogger

5×7 Folded Greeting Card
Message: Think of only
pleasant things
on your birthday.
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The Love PORTAL has been funded by Franklin Furnace!!!



(Brooklyn, NY)Matthew Silver

Project Description

Silver is a street performance artist with the focused intention of making people laugh. He has been performing on Brooklyn and Manhattan streets for seven years as a Court Jester. His intention is to make the entire world laugh at nothing, as an act of peace. He will focus his performance efforts under the Myrtle/Broadway JMZ stop until he achieves his desired outcome, to prove the human’s capability to make others feel good through the power of laughter. He has chosen this spot because it isn’t a tourist location, it’s in a rapidly changing community comprised of many ethnicities. His work is documented and has already received major press from the Brooklyn PaperGothamistPaper MagVillage Voice andTime Out NY.


Matthew Silver is a Performance Artist and clown, mostly known for his work on the street, Astor Cube, Washington Square Park, Union Square and the L-Line Subway, currently performing in Brooklyn, NY under the Myrtle/Broadway JMZ stop. On stage and in art galleries he’s performed locally in Brooklyn and Manhattan at Goodbye Blue Monday, Grace Exhibition Space, Panoply Lab, Gowanus Ballroom, CPR, Sidewalk Cafe, The Outlet, NUTUREart and Spattered Columns in Soho. When he performs outside it’s for smiles and laughter, and getting others to act silly too. When he performs inside his motivation is also to make people feel confused, scared and awkward.1384346_10151751682308402_570641609_n

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Matthew Silver’s Avant-Garde Comedy Show!!

matt silver avant garde comedy

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Holy Cow!!! Matthew Silver October MONTH

Holy cow2

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Matthew Silver’s Circus of Dreams!!!!!!!

circus of dreams new

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One shouldn’t be scared of his or her heart.

We judge the heart.  We say we have to be tough skinned, who says that except you.  Now eat a potato and call it Sally dude!

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Word to the bird word

Your life is important.  Of course that’s for you to decide.  Now Look at me in the eyes and call me rice pudding.  If you don’t respond, you will miss your turn.  Like I said we’re all being.

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Everything you DO is Important

re re-teaching ourselves how to leThere are no complications. Life is ONe step at a time, ONe present at a time. Work with the present moment always. There is no wrong or right but there is NOW. It’s actually the only thing we can rely on. This is NOW and it just is…… Now is not you me them her him her. NOw just is. you can’t put a name on it. and I just did, like 7 times YO.

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You are paying attention or you are asleep.

Although I feel  awake and aware most of the time part of me says I’m a sleep.  You know they say ignorant is bliss. People like to be a sleep and brought on a reactive adventure.  Most of the time it doesn’t work because you start following your habits.  Which most of time can lead you no where unless they are good habits.

1.  Postive Mantras

2.  Excercise

3.  One or more consistent heart growing projects.

4.  Practicing, doing, and being moments of love.

5.  Making a list of them potato head.


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Thats JUNe 12 WED. DUDE

Performing at goodbye blue monday 1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. tomorrow 11PM The opening will be done by my Uncle Andrew Nadler.

FAcebook invite  CLICK

Clip of my awesome uncle.

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I don’t Exist, but then I really dissapeared

The truth is LIFE is fickle, your here one fragment of a sec. and gone another.  Continuously repeating the same process over and over again or not.  The only advice I have is stay rooted in your roots, which means your neurological system.  They look like roots in your own body. It’s weird, like Fractals.  We’re all a bunch of fractal calculations or not.  The tricky thing about life is that you do get to decide something.  Knowing that your stuck in the ONE may help you.  Because your not stuck, you really want to be here.  Life the paradox, repeats over and over again.  So don’t be blind to its flicker.  It is a faster then the speed of light blink that you can’t even comprehend DUDE!!!  Infinity makes everything make sense or not.

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See me ON TV NOW!!!!! I mean its on the internet now, but whatevvvvvvvvvv

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Going to be ON TV!!!!!!!!

This SATURDAY on Oddities. The Science Channel. 9PM Record it and send it to me because I don’t have the channel. 1 min and 30 seconds of pure awesome entertainment. I will surprise you and wake you up with mystery.

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Repeal the Park Restriction on Performers, Musicians and Artists

goodOn MAY 8TH 2013, centered in Washington Sq Park, the PEP (Parks Dept police) will be giving out an FAQ sheet describing in detail the rights (or lack of rights) of performers in all NYC Parks. The Parks Dept has assured performers there will not be any enforcement actions taken against them. Depending on what it says on this FAQ synopsis of the revised park rules, performers will have either officially won their rights or begun a new struggle to regain them.
Performers should make it their business to show up in Washington Sq Park in particular on May 8 in order to participate int his event. Please do not use amplification on this day. Bring a camera, tape recorder or video camera and use it. Sign this Petition and send it to ten people. Make people aware of May 8th. The Bloomberg Administration, just snuck this one up on us, so please share this petition, so it spreads like wildfire!!!!!


Mayor Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner White: Repeal the park restrictions on performers, musicians and artists.

Artists, musicians and performers are exercising their basic First Amendment rights in parks. The expressive matter rules violate these rights. The US Supreme court has ruled that: “Wherever the title of streets and parks may rest, they have immemorially been held in trust for the use of the public and, time out of mind, have been used for purposes of assembly, communicating thoughts between citizens, and discussing public questions. Such use of the streets and public places has, from ancient times, been a part of the privileges, immunities, rights and liberties of citizens.”


includes links to articles, video and documents. Summarized by Robert Lederman.

4/16/13 – Parks Dept Lying About Performer Ban–Again

5/1/13 Parks Department Can’t Get Its Story Straight’t-Get-Its-Story-Straight-for-web

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Day 1 – Back Trouble.

So today I decided I’m going to be consistent about going out on Union Square again.  If my life is nothing else, at least I can be happy that I made people laugh, its simple.  Life doesn’t need to be complicated anymore.  I have made this choice.

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Your mind is open Life is important. Life is Life. Life is a dollar. You can’t put a price on life show.

This is the game that you thought you were in.  Well it doesn’t matter if its a game or not.  because love has no opposites. Now eat a cookie with me.  We will share it to all the people.  Yayyyyy  cookies.

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Manifesto #101 I’m a psychologist but you’re a Donkey.

A. The artist.

B. The humanbeing

C. The One.

We are all meant to achieve our purpose.  Life is short, in this amount of time, this is when you create everything you ever dreamed of.  I’d say take it to the max in all directions of love.  As silly as that sounds, its not silly.  Love is a very real thing.  Actually forget about love and just go into your heart.  The heart chamber glows brighter when connections are being bounded.  Everything in our lives is meant to be.  There are infinite directions you can taken it, it doesn’t matter, relax.  The only thing that matters is the heart and its health.  Your heart is your game piece, it is also your survival.  Me I use my heart everyday. and then I started to realize everybody uses their heart everyday.  Your always using your heart.  Use it to harness love and connections again.  Wake it up like an ancient magic tool.  YES I BELIEVE IN THE HEART!!!!!  Wake the things up god damn it!!!!  The TIME IS NOW!!!!!

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Matthew Silver Performs @ Goodbye Blue Mondays Every Two Weeks




-March 14, Thurs., 11pm
-March 28, Thurs., 9pm
-April 4, Thurs., Midnight
-April 20, Sat., 11pm
-May 2, Thurs., 10pm
-May 29, Wed., 9pm
-June 12, Wed., 11pm
-June 28, Fri., 8pm

You will be surprised, I finally got to the point where I can say, I’m good enough to be entertaining. So if you want a show that will scare you into laughter, I’m your man! Wink wink wink boing, Yatzeeeeee. It was me all along, The hairy Guy, here to help you understand the power of Enlightenment, and my Mashooganaaa!!!!!!!

Watch One of his performances HERE:

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Performance Heart @ Grace Space 3/26

CocoonNYC1The Cocoon Project / CocoonNYC-

is a collaborative art endeavor that documents and performs the hand-crafted Cocoons with dancers, video projections, sound and music in site-specific performance-installations. CocoonNYC was created by Sherry Aliberti, an architect and performance artist based in New York City.The Cocoon Project creates interactive performance art and colorful temporary installations with the Cocoon. Performers use gestures, poses and noises to express ideas about form, shape and movement in space and memory. Utilizing sound, projections and fragrances, the experience is different every time.  Influenced by Martha Graham and Ernesto Neto a fabric enclosure provides freedom for the performer/muse to become a morphing sculpture. Structurally, these postures represent a scale model of an architecture and materiality based on the forces of the body.

@CocoonNYC on twitter


Allison Brainard is an artist working mainly in performance and sometimes in video. She has been focusing on developing a process of structured improvisation that allows for performers to make independent choices within a given set of parameters. She is looking for collaborators and you should email her.


nongrata-florida-2shea2 Shea -

Normally found in the tropical region of Florida.  Unknown origin.  Member of the Non Grata performance collective.  Member of Thank you, Illegal Trouble, Young Rectums.  Performed in NYC, Brooklyn, Florida.  Fond of pizza, palm trees, and DMT.




Ouija - 

Ouija began life as a normal Floridian earthling until her parents bartered her off to an alien hive mind (based out of Brooklyn, NY) for scientific research where they taught her how to knit beer koozies and grow hallucinogens. She managed to escape the mothership and joined the Non Grata performance collective and is now a professional slacker.

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Performance Heart @ Grace Space 3/19 Tuesday

406458_10151213252915012_520756051_nNathaniel Sullivan - 

makes performances in the guise of lectures, tours, and seminars that satirically address contradictory meanings embedded in popular culture. He has tackled subjects as varied as former French president Francois Mitterrand’s last meal, basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain’s sex life and banker Jamie Dimon’s letters to his estranged wife. Most recently, he has been staging performances within existing spectacles, like a seminar in the back of a limousine driving around Wall Street, and a one on one performance at an NBA game.

He was a recipient of the special mention prize at the Montreal Film Festival, a recipient of the Jack Long award from the National Film Board of Canada, a festival prize at the FilmWinter in Stuttgart, Germany and an audience award at The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburg Pennsylvania. He has presented works at CONFLUX festival, Flux Factory, and Art Connects New York. His recent work has been written about on Hyperallergic.

whitney hunterWhitney Hunter -

I am an artist who consistently questions the purpose and function of art.  I have a genuine interest in hybrid forms and works that cross artistic boundaries. Working from a Shape (the rediscovery of perception) philosophy, I am engaged in creating live performance and mediated works based in the act of ritual as a medium of artistic expression towards the ignition of the imagination through contemplation.

My African American heritage, African diasporic identity, and spiritual beliefs provide a context for my work, and facilitate my role as an artistic medium.  My performance works are ceremonial in nature and have an intention towards the construction of new tradition and rituals.  My body is the object, material, and site utilized to physically explore and experiment with socio-cultural issues.

I am truly a seeker and a wanderer in constant search of my primal identity, and my contemporary art practice is with the effort towards exploring the transformative potential of art.


Hector Canonge -

is an artist based in New York City.  His work incorporates the use of New-media technologies, physical environments, cinematic and performative narratives.  In his work he explores and treats issues related to construction of identity, gender roles, and the politics of migration.  His performances mediate movement, endurance, and ritualistic processes as well as the interaction with the public.  Canonge’s visual arts projects and performance art work have been presented in the United States, Latin America, and Europe. Exhibitions to his credit include: GAYLERIA (2011), ABSENCE at Queens Museum of Art (2010), BABEL at Space 37 (2010), FRAMING AIDS – Positive I (2008) for Queens Media Arts Development, and Queering Bodies for VISUAL AIDS (2007). He organizes the monthly artists’ program A-LAB Forum at Crossing Art Gallery, directs the monthly independent film series CINEMAROSA, and organizes ITINERANT, the annual Festival for Contemporary Performance Art in New York City.  Canonge’s work has been reviewed by The New York Times, ART FORUM, New York Daily News, Manhattan Times, Hispanic Magazine, by major networks ABC, NBC, CNN, CBS, UNIVISION, etc., and by online art publications such as Art Experience NYC, NYRemezcla, Turbulence, ART CARDS Review, NYFA Classifieds, and HYPERALLERGENIC among others.  After living for seven months in various regions in South America -where he created and exhibited a new body of work- Canonge returned to the USA this past February to start working on LAB.ORAL, his Franklin Furnace Award 2013 project, and to present new works at various venues and programs in New York City.  More information:

540783_101567523336308_1977642457_nJon Konkol -

His transgressive work seeks to open road windows with questions, as opposed to closing ladder doors with answers. He lives in Brooklyn. Go there; knock on his door and you’ll see. JK has performed at University of Cincinnati. Museum gallery gallery museum, semantics gallery, 424 gallery, blue gallery, and fountain square.  Panoply Performance Lab, English Kills Art Gallery (unauthorized), and participates regularly at Grace Exhibition Space.  He also performs in the streets and transit lines

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Performance Heart @ GRACE SPACE 3/12

3/12 - My Brain Gets Overwhelmed Theme – 2


Courtney Leigh Novak - “I experience life through emotion, I remember the past based on smell and the mood. Creating new moments consciously, constantly, while playing a synopsis of all that came before back silently for only my eyes, behind my eyes. I insist on connection and on commonality, I relinquish all roles I agreed to unconsciously in some other life I lived before I was the me I am now awake to be. I am noticing our differences & dancing with the devils within all of us. I am enjoying my human-form in all of it’s fallibility. I am on my way and I am here. I am en route to this primordial animal place where we all admit to our shit and our blood and our beauty and we are still as love.”


Esther Neff - is the founder and co-director of the Panoply Performance Laboratory (PPL), a space on 104 Meserole and a flexible collective organized with Brian McCorkle to make durational and collaborative performance art operas. Framing performance as acts of theorization, Esther’s performances realize social and relational structures, involve analogic use of found materials, and emphasize conflicts between the material body and its cognizing selfhood(s). She has most recently performed at Culture Fix, IV Soldiers Gallery, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, Gowanus Ballroom, and Glasshouse Gallery in NYC, in Chicago at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery and MANA Contemporary. As a curator/organizer, her projects include PERFORMANCY FORUM platform for performance art, the LUMEN Festival on Staten Island, and the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (BIPAF) currently in the works for July 2013.

1361586136945Florence Nasar - is a nyc-based choreographer/dancer/performance artist originally from the jersey shore. She studied dance and creative writing at Hunter College, where began creating and performing in multiple student and repertory works. She has recently collaborated with artists Fortune Chalme, Ariel Krupnik, Sandra Levykh and Marti Flicker. Currently, she is interested in exploring Judaism and Feminism through performance – taking movement from her cultural & religious upbringing and questioning ideas of ritual, invisibility, and space.


 Christen Clifford - has performed at Joe’s Pub, SoloNova, PS 122, HERE, Classic Stage Company, Irondale, cultureproject, and on The Moth mainstage.  Her work has also been seen at Bushwick SITE fest, Grace Exhibition Space, Postmasters Gallery and the Itinerant Festival.  She is a core member of the NO WAVE PERFORMANCE TASK FORCE.  Her solo about maternal sexuality, ”BabyLove” premiered at the Mesto Zensk festival in Ljubljana and won Best of Fringe at The San Francisco Fringe Festival, and the Audience Award at the NYFF, and was named a Critic’s Pick by New York Magazine and Time Out.  Her writing has appeared in Salon, Smith Magazine, the Huffington Post and Truthdig.  She won a NYFA for Nonfiction writing, is a Visiting Professor of Performance Art at SUNY Purchase in Spring 2013, curates Experiments and Disorders at Dixon Place, was an interpreter in Tino Seghal’s This Progress at the Guggenheim and is the mother of Felix and Vera and partner to Ken.  Find her at and @cd_clifford

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Performance Heart @ Grace Space – Every Tuesday starting March 5th

matthew silver2bcd

Performance Heart 3/5 –  My Heart is important, God Damn it!! Theme – 1

205487_4675260835481_1140549560_n Katie Donut is a Brooklyn-Based performance artist who pushes personal boundaries to communicate (both her experience with and reaction to) mental illness, along with the social stigma of it. Often toying with masculinity-versus-femininity, in pieces ranging from lighthearted and comedic to dark and masochistic, Katie Donut hopes to open up dialogue about mental illness in order to initiate and reinforce the bond between the “mentally ill” and the “healthy” members of the community.

35275_1484265780652_505256_nBaxton Alexander – Although a harpsichordist and musicologist by training, Baxton Alexander’s primary focus is the art of story telling. Whether traditional or experimental, rational or absurd, he often expands narrative beyond the aural fixation – He often includes tactile elements, visual developments, sometimes you can smell it, sometimes you can taste it.

Baxton has just returned from México City after brief musicological investigation on the organillero tradition. He has performed at the Museo Nacional de Arte and directed interactive Dada theatre at historic La Faena. He now finds himself in New York City with a pocket full of black licorice and a sachet of rose tea at his side, slowly reconstructing a carousel he had unknowingly disassembled.

hilary sandHilary Sand - Hilary Sand is an artist, writer, and theorist who lives and works in Brooklyn.  Sand relocated to New York to study Arts Politics at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2010, where, under the mentorship of Karen Finley, her work focused on gender and identity construction and she was awarded her M.A. in 2011.  In New York, Sand’s work has been shown at Dixon Place, the Affordable Arts Fair, Concrete Utopia, Grace Exhibition Space, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, and on various streets throughout the city.

Kris Grey-101Kris Grey/Justin Credible -

My current projects investigate the transition and translation of experience
into history and vice versa. I am particularly interested in
inter-generational trauma, masculinity and vulnerability. My body is often the object of my work as well as the vehicle for its display. Performance is the tool I most often employ to make visible that which usually remains
shadowed, to challenge power dynamics between surveyor and surveyed, and to produce new models of being and doing gender in the world.

These live and performance works contend with the past and the present in the gallery, theater, and public space.

Kris Grey/Justin Credible is a gender queer artist whose work combines strategies of communication, activism, community building, education, lecture, and studio production in mediums two dimensional, three dimensional, and time based.For upcoming performances, lectures, and events visit <>  ”

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Circus of DREAMss – Presenting Pics and Bios of the Performers


Every other Wednesday 2/27,  3/13,  and 3/27 (9-11)pm

Circus of Dreams is a showcase of exciting & exhilarating, strange & sexy performance artists. Straddling lines of classification, blurring boundaries between dream and nightmare, entertainment and Art, every other Wednesday night at Bizarre in Bushwick, BK featuring four new artists each time plus titillations from the endlessly titillating, Matthew Silver.

Presenting Dream Clouds:

sexyCourtney Leigh Novak – Sanguine Sorceress

Courtney Leigh Novak is a sorceress and a multi-media artist exploring within her work issues of relationship, connection, sexistential crisis, mind-spirit-body-earth balance, transcendence, humor, and death, often through a feminist lense. She brings varied life experience to her work, having worked as an Residential counselor with adults of differing abilities, Organic vegetable farmer, Stripper, Nanny, Holistic Health Coach, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher, and Reiki practitioner. She brings language in the form of spoken, sung or written word to her performance as well as ritual, movement and costume. She receives visions and is excited and grateful to share them.

johnny bizare

Johnny Bizarre - X-rated Blockhead

AKA James Blonde from Jugger-nut.  Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who has no boundaries.  Lays on glass, stick nails up his nose, lets people staple him with a staple gun. Wacks a mouse traps on his tongue. And makes animal balloons.  Variety performer, comic book artist, comedian and musician.

that beast of festive skin

Alexandra Tatarsky - Vaudeville Performer

A translator and performer from New York City.  She has performed in vaudevilles, stairwells and theaters from Oregon to Eastern Europe.  Her work is inspired by ventriloquism and the Puerto Rican Day parade.  A book of her love poems for abandoned lots, entitled Vacant Love, was recently published by Power Plant Press.

photo 1

Adam Ende – Quixotic Puppet Show Maker

Adam’s Jawbone Puppet Theater is proud to present “Genesis, Chapter 38,” the story of poor Onan. What’s this? You’ve never heard of Onan? That’s because his story is too embarrassing for the sunday school set. In this short, educational piece, our potty-mouthed biblical scholar lectures about patriarchal biblical lineage, telling the story of what happens to one man who rejects that lineage and takes matters into his own hand, as it were. Funny, dirty, scholarly, and short–what more can you ask?  Be forewarned–this show contains scenes of graphic puppet on puppet sex, extreme wrath of god, and violence.  ”What are you wearing? Why a cape with your pants tucked into your socks?”

rush  Aaron Hicks  Rush Aaron Hicks The world’s most extreme contortion, fire eating/spitting, sword swallowing, bed of nails, glass dancing, human blockhead, human pin cushion, burlesque, boylesque, tarot card readings and many many other acts and stunts of pure madness!

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Photos from Performance Art Masterpiece!!!!!

Georgio Carpet
IMG_1908 Matthew Silver

IMG_2233 IMG_2622 Erik Hokanson


Darlinda Just Darlinda

IMG_2269 Heeran LeeYoo

IMG_2320IMG_2319IMG_2325IMG_2358 Davon Rainey

UntitledIMG_2447 Jill McDermid

IMG_2494 IMG_2499 Lopi LaRoe

IMG_2515 IMG_2516 Hiroshi Shafer

IMG_2582 IMG_2564 IMG_2555

The Ending

IMG_2640 IMG_2667

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Photos From the Village Idiot’s Circus!!! Photo RECALL

The people gather, they are collaborating to create the Cosmic Narf NOoop

brain guy Village Idiot Matthew Silver DECLARES The Brain an illusion!!!

killy dwyerKilly Killer Dwyer shows us why we’re all becoming robots, Smart phones are just the beginning.VI

Solomon the Peculiarist does magic behind a newspaper.  She’s probably up to no good.

100_7553Uniska Whala Kano brings confusion to the audience.  Using the power of Boo Juuu.  She’s  a superhero.

Uniska brings it wacky style with Jacob Cohen on cello.

masterlee2Master Lee Enlightens the audience with his two crazy compadres.

amazing amy5Amazing amy takes us into a world of crazy Contortion.  Called Yogi – Idiot!

amazing amy8

She makes farting sounds with Matthew Silver!!!!

calc Cal Folger Day brings us into a deeper meaning of Music Romance!!!

johnnybJohnny Bizarre gives us lips!


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DIXON PLACE PRESENTS: Matthew Silver The Great Performer

Enlightened Idiot2b

Photo taken by Ken Yapelli

Matthew Silver has been performing @ Union SquareAstor Place and Washington Square Park as the Village Idiot, getting people to act silly.  You may have heard about him on the GothamistTimeout NYThe Village VoiceBrooklyn paper and Papermag or infamous sites like diehipster and Normalbobsmith.  Just recently he made his TV debut on Discovery’s Science Channel show called Oddities and now he’s ready to perform at Dixon Place.

Matthew Silver plays an enlightened idiot that has nothing to teach anybody, except the moment, he makes fun of the brain for being too serious, for creating polarities, dualities, causing some humans to have mental breakdowns and forget about love. It’s interactive performance art meant to make people laugh by creating awkward moments, emphasizing the present moment and how important it is. He parodies excessive seriousness by playing with taboos, rules, and social norms. His inspiration comes from his heart. He performs for smiles and laughter, loosening people’s armor, and opening up a portal for imagination, creativity and love.

The Dixon Place Lounge is open before, during and after the show for drinks.

  • 7:30pm – 8:15pm
  • February, 26, 2013, Tuesday
  • The Dixon Place
  • 161A Chrystie St., New York, NY
  • (btwn. Rivington & Delancey)
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Awesome Documentary Film

A documentary About my work @ Washington Square Park, Created by Faulkner Allocco.  Very well done and entertaining.

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Performance Heart: Mixed Exclamation Marks!!

Performance Heart mixed exclaimationsb

Monthly Performance Art Show. Last Sunday of the Month @ Muchmore’s!!!

Boundaries between Audience and Performer will be CONFUSING. Vulnerable states will be PRESENT. The performer’s arsenal, FEAR, LOVE, LAUGHTER, Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Raptors

Matthew Silver MCs

This Month’s MARKS:

319754_426121760744739_1873557212_nMyk HenryHis performance work often requires the participation of the public. Henry considers it important that both the artist and spectator be directly involved in the questioning process. He is especially interested in the thin divide between public and private space and through his live work he investigates the gauge of this boundary.

felixFelix Morelo - Performance Artist, Sculpture, painter and street artist.  He creates chalk faces all around Union Square, East Village and other spots.  Hundreds to thousands!!!   For casual admirers and fans of Morelo’s work alike, his chalk faces are often a source of amusement and encouragement. His performances usually display a manic sense of humanity.  Come “love me!  I love you!” and then “I hate you!! Go away!”  Very typical of moody New Yorkers.


davidlagacia David Lagaccia -  David researches and writes about performance art as a journalist in New York City.  He also practices it having had performances at Glasshouse, Grace Space, Panoply Performance Laboratory and as a member of the Estonian based performance art group Non-Grata @ Art Basil in Miami, part of the 2012 Fountain Art Fair. His interests lie in the failure of communication of an idea or intention between artist and viewer, and the failure to communicate through action, text or speech from person to person.



Kaia Gilje

- “When I see that someone is affected or changed by the kind of communication that happens between performers and audience in a dance. It brings me joy to throw my body around, be off vertical and upside down, move in every way possible, and it brings me joy to work hard on something and see it develop to the point where it can have a positive impact on the world, on the people around me.”


mylesMiles Pflanx – Performance Artist, Experimental musician, and filmmaker.  Part of the Fitness collective, we he curates art, performance and music.  Pflanz’s work combines public action (dragging meat to Riker’s Island, going through garbage in search of clothes) with conceptual performance (stretching barbed wire through the audience, nailing fruit to a wall) and disturbingly well-planned and executed cinematography.

205225_10151826028780023_1573115704_nMeg Williams - Has just got her feet wet in performance Art.  Her work makes fun of  social isolation, communication  through new technology, and pop-culture.  Originally she has been doing Improv comedy and poetry.



UntitledSindy ButzHer art works are pure; fragile; perfectionist; sometimes radical and questioning. They have the ability to engage the audience and give an invitation to reflect, dream and hope. They also encourage thinking profoundly about morals and ethics in modern society.  Some works show a spark of Humor or Sarcasm.

Muchmore sells coffee and drinks.
$3 Buds and Tecates

Check out last performance Heart HERE:

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Matthew Silver Won the Game!!

Matt Silver wonbOur mind plays a game. It always wants One answer to everything. Well the truth is you’ll never receive that one answer because it doesn’t exist. So knowing that you don’t know the answer, and that you’ll be ok being confused means you WON THE GAME!!! according to Matthew Silver, but if it was according to Bill Cosby, he might think I’m wrong. If I let that effect my mood, then I lost the game. If I don’t give two poops but everybody listens to Bill Cosby and not me. Well I don’t have any followers, but I still won the game, unless I need followers. Does Matthew Silver need followers???? Please answer that question on your own time.

Or just watch this video Clip of his last performance:

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Matthew Silver’s Valentine’s Day Performance

Valentines flierbMatthew Silver was almost born on Valentine’s Day. He was born 30 minutes before midnight on the 13th. He found out he wasn’t born on Valentine’s day because the doctor gave his mother a pill to speed up the pregnancy. Matthew keeps on wondering what life would be like, but than realizes he should stop thinking because this is how it’s meant to be. This is how it’s always meant to be.

Watch His last performance HERE:

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Performance ART open mic Pt. 2 The Second Installment!!! Check out the photos!!!

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Performance Heart Mixed Potatoes!!! Photo Re-cap

Matthew Silver, your Idiot Host!!!!! 100_7309

Is He teaching everybody about love again???

deer fling

And then scaring everybody by throwing around a reindeer????  What an Idiot, pretentious, Performance Artist Hipster shmuck!!!!!

Watch Awesome Video to see How pretentious Matthew Silver really is!!!


100_7346 A weird play on love.  Mixed with dance and performance.  Gabriel takes photos during his performance.
GABEWatch as Intimacy……..
……………Ends up on the floor.  Out of control!!!


100_7363 A spontaneous performance.anthony5With intense dramatic Reflections!!!!!


lindsey 1Lindsey demands everybody and everything come onto the other side of the room.

Lindsey DruryThen she goes into deep thought while the room quietly stares at her.
Then she Dances as everybody is squooshed on the stage.


amber3Amber commences a witch ceremony.
100_7407She gets everybody to write on her body.
amber4And then she finalizes the enchantment by light the candles of Enlightenment.


Lopi9August stretches a metal tube throughout the room and has everybody hold it.Lopi8 She drops a ball inside.lopi11She initiates team work, everybody helps roll the ball to the other side of the metal tube.
The metal spiral gets tangled around August’s body.  What a mess?  Please somebody help this woman!!!!


Valerie Screams cheese.
valerie4Shows everybody a picture of cheese.
Sings about how cheese makes you crazy!!!!!
Until it becomes total CHEESE neurotic society 101


heeranWhips Miao Jiaxin with a leather belt.
UntitledIt leaves many scar marks on his back!!!
baconHeeran heals Miao by put beef all over his back.
Then serves the meat for everybody to eat. Yummy!!!!

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Written in the Brooklyn Paper!!!!!

Dumb love

See original post with comments HERE

The Brooklyn Paper
Photo by Ken Yapelli
School’s out: Matthew Silver calls himself “the teacher who teaches you nothing.”

Sometimes, all you need is stupid.

Performance artist Matthew Silver has honed his improvisational “village idiot” act — including headless rubber chickens and fart noises — on the streets for years, in hopes of getting Brooklynites to stop being so darn smart and just enjoy themselves.

“My show is about getting people to use their hearts more than their brains,” said Silver, whose regular appearances around the borough include performances at Goodbye Blue Monday, Muchmore’s, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Grace Space, IV Soldiers and 3rdeyesolation.

“The brain tells you not to like things, but your heart is an energy source. My inspiration is to try to open up the love portal through performance art.”

One of Silver’s more elaborate antics includes a cigarette pancake — where he tries to convince audience members to pretend to eat a cigarette as if it were a pancake.

Making an idiot out of himself is Silver’s way of breaking through the audience’s defenses.

“He’s a true bouffant,” said “Scary” Ben Doray, one of the producers of Bushwick Burlesque, where Silver performed last week. “He plays this village idiot character and uses a childlike innocence to convey a message. He’s holding up a mirror to the audience.”

In one evening’s performance at the Bushwick Burlesque, Silver came off in turns as confrontational and touching. The artist was not listed on the bill and instead planted himself in the audience. During the show’s second set, he jumped onto the stage and launched a rant against negativity. Then he pulled out his signature headless rubber chicken and a children’s chalkboard and, as it became more clear that he was part of the show, led the audience on a chorus of fart sounds.

Silver, 33, started his career in performance art when he was an undergrad at Ithaca College — though it may not have seemed like much of a career at the time.

“One day I got stoned and put on a dress and ran around people and they were cracking up,” said Silver. “After that, I started experimenting on city streets.”

Now that he’s running his own shows, Silver scouts for interesting acts at his performance art open mics at Panoply Performance Laboratory. A few shows back, he found a woman who made Hobbit references and then cut off her body hair and glued it to the top of her feet.

“A lot of people don’t perform because they think they have to be so entertaining that they have a joke a minute,” said Silver. “But you really just have to engage the audience and push yourself through the embarrassment.”

Matthew Silver at Muchmore’s [2 Havemeyer St. between N. Eighth and N. Ninth streets, (718) 576–3222,]. Jan. 27, 7 pm, free.

Reach reporter Danielle Furfaro at or by calling (718) 260-2511. Follow her


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Performance Art Open Mic Pt. 2 First Photo RECAP

last two mondays

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Performance Art Masterpiece

Performance Art Masterpiece2b


Within each performance artist is the potential to create something that is beyond oneself.  A godlike force that is unprecedented, from only the individual alone.  In Performance Art Masterpiece each artist will use their universal life force to perform a masterpiece. Once that masterpiece is achieved, your host Master Dean Matthew Silver will give them a BFA in Nothing!  Matthew has been performing as an Enlightened Idiot at Union Square, Astor Place and Washington Square Park  ( GothamistTimeout NYThe Village VoiceBrooklyn paper and Papermag or infamous sites like diehipster and Normalbobsmith.).  The purpose of this event is to make performance art accesssible to all in the community, to remove social walls that often coincide with appreciating performance art.  It’s for everybody that would like to enjoy it. (Bizarre Bushwick, 12 Jefferson St., Brooklyn, j-stop myrtle-broadway, 7:30-11pm; Free)

The Graduates:


Lopi Laroe is a multi-discipline artist and activist living in Brooklyn, NYC. Her current work primarily encompasses installation, performance and painting.Her Performance originated in improvisational dance and is rooted in theatrical performance.


Darlinda Just Darlinda - The Village Voice calls Darlinda Just Darlinda a “Mastermind of Bizarre Extravaganza” has been working as a Burlesque Performer and Producer locally (NYC) and nationally since 2003.  She can be found on television, in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. She’s lectured for Yale’s infamous Sex Week. She’s crossed over into performance art with her year long “life as art” projects. Darlinda is a current faculty member at the New York School of Burlesque and BurlyCon and teaches locally and internationally. Sundance Channel made Darlinda a “Top 10 Badass Burlesque Babe,” voted in the Top 50 International Burlesque Industry Figures of 2011!


Davon Rainey - Creates a unique blend of body movement and facials that stimulate an emotional response.  His work sometimes leads towards sexuality, dealing with repression and other complications.



Diverse Universe

Jill McDermid - “I create an installation environment, within which I make a performance. Then, I lead the audience from one environment to another, making performance in each space, which create a full story at the end. 

My performance are always autobiographical, but not in an obvious sense. Stories unfold from my emotions, in a way that I can hope sponds to other people. 

Lately, I Have been performing outside of the United States, and I occasionally create a political performance. The reaction, again and again, Is that is the hearing surprised to see an American making such a political statement, but not only that -  a Woman making political work. 

my work ranges from simple peeling apple with onion hidden inside as a metaphor for my life, seeing my experiences in my mind as I peel in reverse to the core – and elaborate: that facility uses many media, from film to Super 8 video projections, sound and smells affects.”  She also runs Grace Space, as an extension of her artistic activities.


Hiroshi Shafer - Performance artist, sculpture and installations.  I was born in Tokyo. My grandfather was a secret agent for the Japanese Air Force.  He tried to force me to become an air force pilot, but I have become a smart artist instead.  5 years ago I became a kindergarten art teacher, where I learned how to make my own representations of the secret emotions of children.  It wasn’t surprising that this would change me. I became a secret detective of soft and misty people.  I love to explore the new and unknown world of familiar surfaces and pink atmospheres.

Screen-shot-2013-01-23-at-7.18.50-PMHeeran YooLee - Creates performative sculpture, solo body-based installations, time-based durational performances, and sculptural endurance events. In her body-centered work, she explores the private and public manifestations of the female Asian body where isolated actions transform into symbol, metaphor, metonym and formal structures within the larger context of socio-cultural power relations, particularly as they pertain to imbalance, inequality, and injustice in Korean and American society. As a woman growing up in the patriarchal power structure of South Korea, her personal experiences have incited an active engagement with feminist discourse; moreover, as an alien, living an extended period away from home, my awareness as “the other” has provoked further research into the subject of cultural marginalization.


Erik Hokanson -  ”The most common, stable, and reliable states of the universe are the qualities of darkness and cold. 
We live in a very unusual condition of relative warmth and light. 
  We are living here (earth) -humans, spiders, grass, fish, carrots, bacteria, mice, viruses. We are all related. We need to eat each other. It’s the price of peace, beauty, security, humor, love, and hope. Our bodies, like those of all other organisms here, are communities of cells working together essentially for their own preservation. 
We will all become food for something someday. The sun will make our place food for itself someday. I don’t know what will eat the sun. Then it will likely become cold and dark.
I take comfort in this. I like natural states.”

Bizarre Bushwick

12 Jefferson St.

Brooklyn, NY

j-stop Myrtle-Broadway

They serve a wide variety of drinks. Check out their facebook Page:

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Awesome Set @ Sidewalk Cafe

Matthew Silver- the Great Performer from Tanguy de Thuret on Vimeo.

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Documentary Film about Me Created by Faulkner Allocco

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Awesome Set @ Smootch Cafe

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Opening @ Goodbye Blue Mondays

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Performance Heart: Mixed Potatoes 3rd show.

potatoes2bMonthly Performance Art Show

Boundaries between Audience and Performer will be CONFUSING. Vulnerable states will be PRESENT. The performer’s arsenal, FEAR, LOVE, LAUGHTER, DAD, SALLY LENNY, GEORGE.

Matthew Silver MCs

This Month’s POTATOES:

Valerie Kuehne - cellist, dynamic performance artist, fearless improviser, songwriter, vocalist.  She curates two shows monthly Smallbeast and SuperCoda combining experimental music, performance art and dance. She is also part of Panoply Performance Laboratory.  If you want to sign up for her email list contact her:

Miao Jiaxin and LeeYoo Heeran -  This performance is a collaboration.  Miao’s works often express the ambivalent and sometimes antagonistic tension that always exists between the individual and governing or cultural authorities.  Recently hosted Ventiko’s Animamus Art Salon.  Wants to host more friendly events @ his place. LeeYoo Heeran creates performative sculpture, solo body-based installations, time-based durational performances, and sculptural endurance events.

Gabriel Chalfin-Piney just started performance art, studied performance in school.  He has already done 7 performances these past two months, each one very different, interactive and surprising.  He just curated three shows in a row!!  Mixing music, film and performance art.  One of the shows was called Paloozah 8.  He curates under the name Knight Sweat

Lindsey Drury’s work disrupts her own choreographic impulses. She seeks to undermine the idea that one can devise systems of rules and expectations that when followed by performers will churn out a certain meaning. She is a performance artist, dancer, choreographer, curator and writer. Currently collaborating with PPL.  Runs an open-platform performance event called The Generator. Founding member of The Woods Cooperative.

Anthony Wills Jr.  is Artistic Director of Artistic Pride Productions an artist collective creating opportunities for artists of all genres.  He has been performing, choreographing, and directing all his life.  He will be curating a cabaret for February, Love is a Drag.






Lopi LaRoe is a multi discipline artist and activist living in Brooklyn, NYC. Her current work primarily encompasses installation, performance and painting.Her Performance originated in improvisational dance and is rooted in theatrical performance.

Amber Lee has done performances in Chicago, Berlin, Paris, and The Netherlands working with several different performance groups including a European tour with Non Grata. In addition to performing, Amber continues to work in theatre, photography, video, and writing.  Currently she helps out @ Grace Exhibition Space, a performance Art Space in Brooklyn.

Muchmore sells coffee and drinks.

$3 Buds and Tecates

Check out last performance Heart HERE:

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The Village Idiot’s Circus: First Show!!

village idiots circus large11 copyduh2 Photo by Dennis Ryan

Performance-art, clown, magic, music, STUPID HUMOR, comedy, dance, CLOWNS clowns, clowns, ….. Everything and nothing that involves a little touch of idiot!! Not your usual variety show.  Designed to create awkward moments. Scary at first, but healing in the long run.

Your host Matthew Silver has been performing @ Union Square, Astor Place and Washington Square Park as the Village Idiot, getting people to act silly.  You may have heard about him on the Gothamist, Timeout NY, The Village Voice, Brooklyn paper and Papermag or infamous sites like diehipster and Normalbobsmith.  Just recently he made his TV debut on Discovery’s Science Channel show called Oddities and now he’s ready to make his own Idiot Show!!!!!


Amazing Amy, Contortion Dancer


Famous for contortion dance Jamming.  She fearlessly performs with music on the spot, in the moment!  Never failed an audience!  Seen @ places like Coney Island, Dixon Place.  She has also made an appearance on TV, Discovery’s Science Channel ‘Oddities’ Program Season 2: The Horaffe, third segment. See it HERE!!


Master Lee, Comedic Performance Artist


Master Lee began as a street performer in Washington Square Park. He went on to do stand-up comedy, appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, MTV, Showtime at the Apollo and Sesame Street. Tired of jokes, he began listening to Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, combining stream-of-consciousness, catharsis and tapping the unconscious to create his unique true stories. He is also working on a juggling piece to the six preludes of the Bach cello suites.  Master Lee has taught storytelling at the Rubin Museum of Art and Performance Art at New York University.

Uniska Whala Kano, Performance Artist


Has made appearances in the East Village, Union Square, Time Square, Williamsburg, all around the city.  Performed for Arts in Odd Places, Culture Fix, Flux Factory and 3rd Eye(sol)ation.  Her performance Art is made to create a reaction out of the audience, in venues and outside in the public.  She can be offensive, funny, political, non-political or Strange.  She wears a different costume for each performance.  Has been known to perform with Jacob Cohen, Subway Cellist .

Killy (Killer) Dwyer, Comedic Performance Artist & Musician


A Mock$tar comedic performance artist and musician Named “Top 10 Women Who Rock Comedy”, she has an album out with her band KILL THE BAND available on ITunes or at Also, please check out My BoX, Killy’s newest experiment in sound, comedy and performance art at the NY Frigid Festival in late February – tickets available now on

Solomon The Peculiarist, clown, magic

clown solomon

Is a clown, magician and variety performer, recently returned to NYC after several years in New Orleans, where she produced and hosted the Wonder Farm Cabaret. She has worked with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Coney Island Sideshows by the Seashore, and Whirlybones Variety Arts Collective, among others, and performed at festivals in the US and Europe. Tanya is currently attending a master class in physical comedy taught by her dog Iggy.

Cal Folger Day, Musician


“…a guitarist and chanteuse with jazz leanings, whose vocal control and onstage presence command attention.” (The New Yorker)

“Standing just north of five feet, hidden under bookworm glasses and heavy waves of curls, the longing within her sultry voice will bring up heartbreak memories of Janis so distinctly that you’ll wonder how its grand emotive power was so well concealed beforehand. Cal Folger Day is a presence on stage.” (Go Folk Yourself)

Johnny Bizarre, Human Block Head

johnnybizarreAKA James Blonde from Jugger-nut.  Ladies and Gentlemen, a man who has no boundaries.  Lays on glass, stick nails up his nose, lets people staple him with a staple gun. Wacks a mouse traps on his tongue. And makes animal balloons.  Variety performer, comic book artist, comedian and musician.

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One Awesome Interactive Performance Art Set that will blow YOUR MIND!!

matthewsilver2Facebook Invite

  • Matthew Silver wasn’t thinking and now he has become aware that most of the time he isn’t. Juggling through thoughts that don’t add to much. Like Duck Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Potato, Banana, Wacky, Toilet.

    Due to this unclear stream of consciousness he will continue to wear the drum to his dying day. Not that anybody will care. But if you do care, please donate.

    Watch the last time he got stuck in a drum HERE!!

    Also Known as the Village Idiot of Union Square, watch famous interaction with bully HERE!! 

    Yes this is for REAL!!!

1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221
J-Train Kosciuszko Stop


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Hosting Performance Art Open Mic. Pt. 2

last two mondays
A continuation of Performance Art Open Mic. Pt.1


A gathering of performance artists and non-performance artists get together and try to figure out what this thing is.  Visual Arts Performance? Body-Based Performance? What is this “performance” thing anyway? Who cares?  MC Matthew Silver cares. A lot. About you. And wants to see the work you do.

The Performance Art Open Mic Pt. 2 is held at:
1501 Broadway.
Brooklyn, NY
J-Train Halsey Stop


Jungle Juice $3

NOTE: This event is meant for everybody interested in defining/redefining performance art, not the “performing arts” in general (poetry, music, dance, etc), though all of these things may be included in a performance art piece, possibly at once.

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Pictures from Performance ART OPEN MIC!!! (Photo Recap) 1/25/2013


100_7244 100_7255 100_7266 100_7282 100_7284 100_7297 100_7299 picfff Untitled

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Performance Heart Pt. 2 Dec. 30th PHOTO recap

Matthew Silver does Opening Untitled










Matthew Silver is disappointed that nothing happened Dec. 21st, 2012.











He attempts to open the portal himself by creating a community gathering.

Adjua Greaves

golden shes









Using the power of her Golden Sneakers she starts Jogging.

adjua jogShe jogs alone for five minutes, while the audio to her score repeats “Won’t you Jog with Me, Jog with me please, Lets fight the social disease.”  In a robotic voice.


Finally two people get up and jog.


And then Two more











The entire room jogs with her.


4 minutes TOGETHER WE FIGHT the social disease!!!

Allison Brainard


Fly dance moves!!!!

dance 7The hands between the legs is the most advance Swag development since 1999
259_2400 Straight upside DOWN!!!

Fortune Chalme

sdfadsfsdShe starts off, making us believe she’s sane.afsdadsfdBut then the world of stuff gets too her brain.screamShe ends up with a nervous Breakdown.  God bless her soul.

Kate Brehm

ewwerewrWho is the woman with the folding chair?
rwertw34667 Why do the placement of the chairs concern her?uyrtrtrt Staring alone into the distance.  Is she asking for connection?werew333Or is she just trying to connect to her folding chairs?

Ann Louise Amendolagine

ann Ann is a street performer who tap dances for a living. Today she tries something different.black1 Bringing it to the audience through passion!psycheeeShowing off her beautiful dancing legs.wefsdfasdfShe’s looking at you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney V. Hunter

wave handsHe first clears the room.fallingdfedThen he takes a big plummet into the hard wooden floor, everybody looks with shock!falling

Next time Whitney falls, People are their to catch him.


Ivy Castellanos











She comes on stage as her masked super hero!!IvyyyThe super hero tapes up bags of air.
IvyewfkewSlowly she becomes consumed by them.
ivyewr302u3The yellow bags start taking over.jewuo9uojdfGetting bigger like a yellow puss TUMOR.r323232The Tumor consumes the HERO.  Must be goof ball Hero instead.

Tokyo Circus Ringmaster Yoshi and Amazing Amy Contortion Dancer

duckDonald Duck is alone.amy duckMinny Mouse Enters and they enjoy a day on the beach.dsjfojejoieiUntil Mickey Mouse enters.kljdsfjkeeMickey Dances, not aware of Minnie’s and Donald’s, presence.djkslafjlsdjioewWhen aware of Donald and Minnie.   Mickey Kills Donald, when not looking, because he doesn’t want anybody to know that he’s gay.mickey duckAnd then Minnie, who knows YOGA.winloseMickey Leaves everybody with a positive message, “Life is not about winning or losing”be yourself

“Be Yourself!!!”

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My 2nd Curated Show: Performance Heart: Mixed Bags Pt. 2













  • Performance Heart: Mixed Bags

    Monthly Performance Art Show

    Boundaries between Audience and Performer will be CONFUSING. Vulnerable states will be PRESENT. The performer’s arsenal, FEAR, LOVE, LAUGHTER, NOTHING, MOTHERS, KETCHUP, TANKS, OMEGA-3 EGGS.
    Matthew Silver MCs

    This Months BAGS:

    Adjua Greaves
    Tokyo Circus
    Alison Brainard
    Ivy Castellanos

    Ann Amendolagine
    Fortune Chalme
    Kate Brehm
    Whitney V. Hunter

    Muchmore sells coffee and drinks.
    $3 Buds and Tecates

    If your interested in performing in Performance Heart send me an email with some links of your work at:

    Check out last Performance Heart HERE:

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My Performance @ OUTLET in Bushwick

I break in the Gallery giving them a speech about NOTHING

I tell them how my brain gives me a headache.

I realize I’m too hard on myself and I ask for a hug.

I’m free and I fly an airplane.

I preach the struggle between the brain and the heart. Some people call it our lizard brain. Performed @ Outlet Fine Art. 253 Willson Ave. Brooklyn, NY. Performance was December 7, Friday, during opening Reception. The show was called ON THE GRID. Filmed by Augustin Doublet.

Second Part, I get everybody in a flying frenzy and then I do my signature freeze moment. It’s always interesting how people react NOTHING.

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Performing AT Goodbye Blue MONDAYS this WED!!

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Find Out Why I do What I do!!!!!

An Awesome Documentary!!!!!! About Master Wacky Matthew Silver


From Producers Mithun Bhat, Michael Jefferson, and Hardy Winburn with Cinematographers Nick Capezzera, Tony Farkasch, Thomas Gonzalez, and Daniele Napolitano.
Edited by James Eades & Nick Capezzera.

Like “THE BACK OF THE BUSK” on Facebook:

“THE BACK OF THE BUSK” airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm EST. exclusively on Action Jackson TV.

Action Jackson TV is an online network that broadcasts quality content including narrative shorts, features, documentaries, fictional and non-fictional mini series and sketch comedy. We cater to an audience interested in free, high quality content on the internet with the standards of network television. Our demographic is very broad and varies from the ages of 16-54. Our goal is to make our own content as well as acquire original content for our audiences.

Check out the channel and subscribe at

Stay up to date on shows and events on our Facebook Page!

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Performing at APOSTROPHE art gallery this Saturday

  • It’s gonna be a CARNIVAL@APOSTROPHE

    cheap drinks, Free Drink Games!
    music to mingle with your restless souls
    and Clowns

    Kumar (The Denizen of Dance Hall)
    Echahly Adam Joumal
    Insane TheRebel : THEillUSiON
    Finn Pfeffer

    Lewis Lazar
    Matthew Silver

    FREE before 10pm, $5 till 12am, $10 onwards


440 irving av, Brooklyn, New York 11237
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Performing at Sidewalk Cafe 12/13/2012 — Thursday 10pm

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MY last Performance AT Goodbye Blue Mondays!!!! I’m a Frozen Statue, Give me a Dollar!

I started off explaining to everybody that I’m an American Hipster Rabbit. And then I started talking about circles.

Then I got Performance Artist, puppeteer and Experimental Musician Jeff to get half-naked with me.  We sung We are the world together.

You can NOW watch this MOMENT ON THE U-TUBE!!!!

After too much thinking, I ripped my brain in two.

Jeff took the airplane and flew among the crowd. He was free, we were all free from the Brain!!

WATch me rip the FUCKING BRain and the intense silence in the room.

At the end everybody got up and started to wave their hands and dance to the drum beat!!!!

And then EVERYBODY HUgged.

Watch everybody stand up and dance to the funky beat!!!!  The amazing Heart beat of life!!!!

For the finale, I did the Statue! Nobody gave me a dollar, they just kept clapping over and over and over and over again.  WATCH the video and share this Awkward moment.

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Performing at ON THE GRID Friday the 7th of DECEMBER

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Performance Heart: Mixed Bags HIGHLIGHTS


Matthew Silver opens the night, by putting the audience into an awkward state.  Once the crowd achieves full awkwardness, the show is ready to go on.

Matthew Silver talks about how ideas are amazing!!!  You can grow them in your brain if you’re focused.  He uses the rubber chicken as his pointer.

But then Matthew becomes neurotic and slowly starts walking towards a man who has a beard just like him.  Will he hug him?  Will he appreciate his hairy body?  Does he think he’s just another idiot?  Click here if you want to watch half of his performance.



Who is this strange woman who walks in with a kart and chicken feet??  A little bit creepy if you ask me.  I mean I heard that weirdos put chicken feet up their nose!  Is she a bag woman?

But then low and behold this Bag woman gives birth to a cows head!!!  How dare she play tricks with our minds!!!!!!!!



Lorene twisted the minds of the entire audience. My parents didn’t get it, but they were intrigued.  It was as if we were sucked into THE LORENE VORTEX!!  Here they are singing like deranged sirens.

Lorene is using hand movement to pull out the part of the brain that thinks too much.  People don’t know this and just stare, not knowing that she is healing them.

Now Lorene uses her feet to emit special odors that make people say “YES I like the Lorene Vortex, maybe I can make a friend or two”.



Geraldo brought everybody into the digital REALM of  Zero’s and One’s.  Here you can see him getting everybody excited about these numbers.  Is this saying that we have all become zero’s and one’s and none of us have an identity anymore?  I thought I was a chicken!

Here Gelraldo is reading Adjua’s fortune, shuffling digital video game cards.  Later he tells Adjua to destroy a computer hardrive by smashing it with his boots.  The Hardrive is now where all our memories come from.  Forget about BRAINS!!!!



Katie is stuck in a picture.  Is this her dream or her nightmare?

She seems to want in on this beautiful landscape but there is NO ENTRANCE

So she hangs herself and glitter falls on her head!!!!!!!



PPL intertwine their audience into a world of confusion!!  Esther is stuck in a web of string.  People are pulling her back and forth while Brian is playing the music of a mad man!!!  He’s talking about eating PORK LOIN sandwiches!!!


CRUSHED VELVET by Jacquelyn Gallo and Rosalie Knox

Total San Francisco Cult Hippie Fest.  They brought a little bit of the 60s back.  It was Happy.  It was SCARY.  It was an ACID TRIP.


ELINOR THOMPSON - Durational piece

Elinor fell asleep on a couch during the duration of the entire show, about 2 hours!!!  Photo by Drew Vanderburg

She had two sharpies next to her and people would write on her all night, explaining what wackiness was unfolding during the night.  Photo by Adjua Greaves.

At the end of the night, she got on stage and Matthew read all the quotes on her body. One of them said, “Gelraldo Smashing Shit.” Photo by Adjua Greaves

Highlights of the First Performance Heart

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, you can now watch 2 hours compressed into 3 minutes.  And soon I will edit my entire life into 30 seconds.

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Performing On the Highline, Using the Power of POtatoessss








I was performing, and some kids on a class trip came by.  I started talking about potatoes.








Some of them thought I was selling potatoes.

Watch the whole episode here, documented by the Highschool kids themselves.

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Performing at The Last Unicorn in the Pyramid Club, around Midnight!!

The Blacklight dance party returns Friday Nov 30! LAST UNICORN featuring DJ Mike Bill$, DJ Bone & Boogalow, forever lovely Reve + special guest performance by the Great Performer Matthew Silver and many more!

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Performance Art Open Mic. 1st Sunday of every Month. Next one Dec. 2nd

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I’m gonna be on a Web Series Called “Back of the Busk” !!!

“The Back of the Busk” – Promo 1


From Producers Mithun Bhat, Michael Jefferson, and Hardy Winburn with Cinematographers Nick Capezzera, Tony Farkasch, and Daniele Napolitano.

Edited by James Eades and Nick Capezzera.

Like “THE BACK OF THE BUSK” on Facebook:

“THE BACK OF THE BUSK” airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm EST. exclusively on Action Jackson TV.

“THE BACK OF THE BUSK” airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm EST. exclusively on Action Jackson TV. Action Jackson TV is an online network that broadcasts quality content including narrative shorts, features, documentaries, fictional and non-fictional mini series and sketch comedy. We cater to an audience interested in free, high quality content on the internet with the standards of network television. Our demographic is very broad and varies from the ages of 16-54. Our goal is to make our own content as well as acquire original content for our audiences.

Check out the channel and subscribe at

Stay up to date on shows and events on our Facebook!

The Back of the Busk – Teaser Trailer 1

“If you swipe your credit card, we can put it on the grill. We can make a barbecue with credit cards. YES! SYNCHRONICITY!!!” – The Great Performer

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Performance at the Highline!!!! Trying out new spots!

While on a class trip we came across Matthew Silver, the Great Performer, during his act. Not bad.
Matthew Silver’s Website:
Go check him out ladies and gents!

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You have remind yourself

I’m as free as I want to be.  You have to remind yourself that what you really want inner peace.  So it is up to you to take those steps.  Figure out how your body works.  You can do with your ability to focus.  The tools are out there.  Infinity exists. One answer for me.  One thing at a time. And learn to meditate, completely concentrate on that.  It’s impossible to do two at time.  Patience and focus.  Nothing faster, nothing slower.  You can do it.  Completely trust you can, and that there is help all around you for all your unique visions.  But one thing at a time or get scattered and lose yourself again.  But then you always comeback.  See yourself  getting newer, better, healthier, happier.  Restart, relax, you can do it.  Loveeee.

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Super Chief Gallery Performance – Do you want a wacky chicken or a hug? Decisions.

In this class you need to understand the Why nothing is important!  Using a wacky chicken everybody can enjoy nothing!!

But then your wacky brain doesn’t make sense. So you got to beat it with the chicken.

So I’ve decided to Evolve into an American WAcky Bananna

And at the end of the day all you need a hug.  So please clap and hug and have a potato.
Or just listen to my lectures about a wacky banana .

The battle of the brain will always be our hardest struggle.

But with the power of wackiness and the holy chicken we will all live on!

And learn to hug.

8 hugs a day will keep you very healthy.

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Matthew Silver He’s a Frozen Statue!! Give Him a Dollar.

Original Facebook invite can be found Here

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    • 11:00pm
  • Matthew Silver will not move until he is given a dollar, unfortunately he is criticized for this behavior. People now call him an Attention Money Whore Hipster. There’s no getting away from the Critic. In this performance Matthew will open his heart to his inner critic leaving him vulnerable, he will be humbled by name calling and flying turkeys. It is up to you!!! Give him your worst, eat a pizza, and then HUG. We all need at least 8 hugs a day.This just in, you can watch a clip of his last show at this link:

1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221
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